Video Challenge Review to Be Used for First Time During Regional Competition

  0 Derek Johnson | December 04th, 2017 | College - Women's Indoor, News

For the first time in NCAA Women’s Division I Volleyball history, the video challenge review system is being implemented on the NCAA Regionals (Sweet 16 and Elite Eight) this upcoming weekend. Additionally, it was also voted on by the Women’s Volleyball Committee to be in place during the Final Four and National Championship in Kansas City.

The technology has been there for several teams, but it was still being tested as the Big Ten and Big 12 were the guinea pigs starting in 2015.

The procedure for the review system will include the following details:

  • Each team is allotted three challenges per match, regardless if you win all three
  • Challenges are not related to timeouts
  • Only the team who lost the rally can challenge. If the call is changed, the loser of the review can look at something else in the point.
  • One challenge per team per rally
  • Challenge must be made before the official extends his/her arm to allow service on the subsequent point
  • To change the original call, there must be indisputable video evidence
  • The following plays are allowed to be reviewed/challenged:
  • 1) Net faults – players contacting the net or antenna
  • 2) Touch – a player touching the ball for a ball that went out, skimmed a blocker, a fourth hit, etc.
  • 3) In/Out – includes the antenna and pancakes
  • 4) Service foot faults
  • After reviewing the tape, officials will either confirm the call, reverse the call or replay the point – likely if a review makes the play not have a conclusion
  • If the video review is inconclusive, the original call will stand

It may be a bit choppy in its first year and obviously won’t live up to the international system, but it’s a step in the right direction for the NCAA. Who knows, one review or call could be the difference in a match this weekend and directly affect the future National Champion.

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