WATCH: Macedonia’s Setter Attempts To Trick Refs

  0 Steven Myers | September 10th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Video

One FYR Macedonian player used a humorous, albeit unsportsmanlike, tactic in a match against Hungary in a 2019 European Championship qualifying match to convince the referees that a member of the Hungarian team attempting a spike had actually come into contact with the net, thus forfeiting the point.

In the video you can see Macedonian setter, number 6, David Stojanov, use his hand to pull down on the net in order to make it seem as though Hungarian number 14, Krisztian Pádár, the player spiking the ball, had touched the net.

After the play you can see Macedonian player and captain, number four, Nikola Gjorgijev, arguing with the referees. It’s clear however that Stojanov on Macedonia pulled down on the net.

FYR Macdeonia ended up winning the August 15th matchup 3-2, winning the first two games consecutively 25-23. Hungary came back winning the next two games in a row with identical scores of 25-23, however in the last game FYR Macedonia clinched the victory with a 16-14 win.

After winning against Hungary, FYR Macedonia lost their next two matches against Ukraine and Switzerland respectively before winning against Switzerland on August 25th.

Hungary played Switzerland following their defeat by FYR Macedonia, taking home a 3-2 win. After that however they lost two consecutive matches to Ukraine.


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