Yet More Corruption Scandals Clouding Over Brazilian Vball Federation

  0 Liam Smith | March 25th, 2018 | Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, South American Volleyball

Politics, and not volleyball, prevailed in the Brazilian Volleyball Federation’s annual plennary meeting, which involves representatives from all of Brazil’s 26 states. At least that is what Bruno Voloch, Brazil’s most influential blogger, has allegated this week.

Voloch’s report on the meeting states that the federation approved all of its accounting records, despite an external audit company having denounced a lot of fiscal irregularities within the institution. Voloch accused the state federations to have received money in order to approve all of CBV’s meeting points. He even said that CBV’s president, Walter Laranjeiras, boasted about the federation’s debt being only of about $5 million USD during his speech.

The news come as a surprise to all Brazilian fans. Less than a week ago, one of the states had accused CBV’s presidency of illegally using free sponsor airplane tickets for personal use. During the meeting, the same state representative was quiet throughout the whole ordeal. That was not the only scandal in which CBV was involved, though, as only a few days later, CBV was also accused of illegally selling sponsor clothing that was supposed to be sent to its athletes, for institutional profit. The institution supposedly didn’t even provide sales receipts to its sellers in order to facilitate its tax evasion plans.

Once again, Brazilian volleyball fans must ask, just how deep do these allegations and scandals go?

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