2017 Early Signing Day: Everything You Need To Know & What It Means

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Today is a big day for a number of prospective collegiate volleyball athletes, as it is the first day players can sign their early period National Letters of Intent for their programs in the NCAA.

Up until today, prospective student-athletes have only been able to give their verbal commitment to a college, as the NCAA states that a player cannot officially commit until the second Wednesday in November. The second Wednesday falls on November 8 which sparks a week-long “Early Signing Period” for the year. The overall verbal commitment was a two-way promise between the prospective student-athlete and the school prior to them officially signing their National Letter of Intent (NLI) to play with the school.

The NLI is a contractually binding contract between a prospective student-athlete and an NLI member institution. A prospective student-athlete only signs an NLI if they are receiving aid or a scholarship from the school. They are still able to have a ceremony at their school but cannot be publicized by their school until they have been accepted and have paid their deposit at the university/college. The signing of the NLI outlines the terms of the student-athletes time with the school – how long they will attend, how much they will receive in scholarships.

The NLI program is jointly-run by the NCAA and the Collegiate Commissioners Association and is used by 650 Division I and Division II participating institutions. The Ivy League and Division III, who do not offer athletic scholarships, do not participate in the program. For NAIA programs, they are able to have their prospective student-athletes sign an NLI as each school issues its own letter with its own terms and conditions.

An important provision of the NLI program is that once a PSA signs the NLI, he or she can no longer be recruited by other member institutions. If a PSA does not fulfill the NLI agreement, he/she “has to serve one year in residence (full-time, two semesters or three quarters) at the next NLI member institution and lose one season of competition in all sports.”

Early Signing Period – Women’s, Men’s & Beach Volleyball

  • November 8, 2017-November 15, 2017

Regular Signing Period – Women’s, Men’s & Beach Volleyball

  • April 11, 2018-August 1, 2018

See who signed today (will update as we receive more):

School Players Position Link To Release
Link to Twitter/Instagram Announcement
Alabama Erin Curl Middle Blocker Link
Arkansas State Julianna Cramer Setter Link
Arkansas State Hannah Cox Libero Link
Arkansas State Macey Putt Outside Hitter Link
Arkansas State Josie Stanford Middle Blocker Link
Arkansas State Isabel Theut Outside Hitter/Middle Blocker Link
Arkansas State Callie Weaver Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Auburn Taylor Rowland Outside Hitter Link
Auburn Val Green Link
Baylor Sydney Sacra Middle Blocker Link
Bradley Hailey Delacher Setter Link
Bradley Kat Poore Outside Hitter Link
Cal Rachel Ahrens Outside Hitter
Campbell Derry Costigan Setter Link
Campbell Jewel Strawberry Outside Hitter Link
Campbell Megan Wall Middle Blocker Link
CSU Bakersfield Hayley McCluskey Link
Chattanooga Jaquelyn Langhaim Setter Link
Chattanooga Gylian Finch Outside Hitter Link
Chattanooga Maia Rackel Outside Hitter Link
College of Charleston Claire Campbell Middle Blocker Link
College of Charleston Sylvia Duggan Outside Hitter Link
College of Charleston Amani Dunston Setter Link
College of Charleston Molly Russell Middle Blocker Link
Colorado Jenna Ewert Setter Link
Colorado Alexandra “Allie” Moger Middle Blocker Link
Colorado State Jacqueline Van Liefde Outside Hitter Link
Colorado State Kava Durr Outside Hitter Link
Colorado State Ciera Zimmerman Setter Link
Creighton Keeley Davis Outside Hitter Link
Creighton Annika Welty Middle Blocker Link
Creighton Jaela Zimmerman Outside Hitter Link
Creighton Kari Zumach Opposite Link
Denver Mara Abernethy Middle Blocker Link
Denver Graceyn Tippens Outside Hitter Link
Florida Marlie Monserez Setter Link Link
Florida Thayer Hall Outside Hitter Link Link
Florida Lauren Dooley Middle Blocker Link
Florida Haley Warner Outside Hitter Link
Florida State Lily Tessier
Florida State (Beach) Rachel Ahrens
Florida State (Beach) Cassandra May
Illinois Diana Brown Setter Link
Illinois Taylor Kuper Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Indiana Courtney Buzzerio Setter Link
Indiana Alexandria “Lexi” Johnson Middle Blocker Link
Indiana Breana Edwards Outside Hitter Link
IUPUI Rachel Hickey Defensive Specialist Link
IUPUI Hannah Oehlberg Outside Hitter Link
Jacksonville Natalie Martin Setter Link
Jacksonville Gioa Huynh Middle Blocker Link
Jacksonville Brooke Medders Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Jacksonville Alden Willis Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Jacksonville State Rachel Sadler Middle Blocker Link
Jacksonville State Claire Behan Setter Link
Jacksonville State Lena Kindermann Outside Hitter Link
Jacksonville State Maggie Baker Outside Hitter Link
Jacksonville State (beach) Taylor Woolridge Link
Jacksonville State (beach) Bailey Nelson Link
Kansas Lacey Angello Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Kansas Kailea Carrier Middle Blocker Link
Kansas Camryn Ennis Outside Hitter/Setter Link
Kansas Rachel Langs Middle Blocker Link
Kansas State Abigail Archibong Outside Hitter/Middle Blocker Link
Kansas State Holly Bonde Outside Hitter/Opposite Link
Kansas State Gloria Mutiri Opposite Link
Lipscomb Logan Gish Outside Hitter Link
Louisville Claire Chausee Outside Hitter Link
Louisville Aiko Jones Opposite Link
Louisville Emily Scott Middle Blocker Link
Louisville Anaya Martin Setter Link
Louisville Maggie Mullen Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Louisville Mia Stander Defensive Specialist Link
LSU Whitney Foreman Link
LSU Kate Cowan Link
LSU Leigh Maher Link
LSU Darian Goins Setter Link
LSU Paige Hilliard Link
Miami Taylor Burrell Outside Hitter
Michigan Kayla Bair Middle Blocker Link
Michigan Abbey Malinowski Outside Hitter Link
Michigan Erin O’Leary Setter Link
Michigan Grace Persson Outside Hitter Link
Michigan State Elena Shklyar Setter Link
Michigan State Lauryn Gibbs Defensive Specialist Link
Michigan State Naya Gros Middle Blocker Link
Michigan State Maura Johnson Outside Hitter Link
Michigan State Rececka Poljan Middle Blocker Link
Minnesota Adanna Rollins Outside Hitter Link Link
Minnesota CC McGraw Libero Link Link
Minnesota Bayley McMenimen Setter Link
Minnesota Rebecca Rendahl Middle Blocker Link
Morehead State Mia Swearingen Middle Blocker Link
Morehead State Hannah Keating Middle Blocker/Opposite Link
Morehead State Olivia Montelisciani Defensive Specialist Link
Morehead State Allison Whitten Defensive Specialist Link
Morehead State (beach) Hannah Mabrey Link
Morehead State (beach) Margaret Musselman Link
Morehead State (beach) Hannah Keating Link
NC State Nina Sharpton Setter Link
NC State Pam Chukwujekwu Middle Blocker Link
Nebraska Capri Davis Outside Hitter Link
Nebraska Nicklin Hames Setter Link
Nebraska Megan Miller Libero Link
Nebraska Callie Schwarzenbach Middle Blocker Link
Nevada Kaila Spevak Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
Nevada Maya McClellan Outside Hitter Link
New Hampshire Abby Sullivan Middle Blocker Link
New Hampshire Emma Tupa Outside Hitter Link
New Hampshire Maddie Wiedenfeld Middle Blocker/Opposite Link
North Dakota State Allie Murphy Outside Hitter Link
North Dakota State Kalli Hegerle Setter Link
North Dakota State Kirstin Tidd Middle Blocker Link
Northwestern Kiara McNulty Setter Link
Northwestern Ella Grbac Outside Hitter Link
Northwestern Hanna Lesiak Outside Hitter Link
Northwestern Abryanna Cannon Outside Hitter Link
Northwestern State Skylar Besch Setter Link
Northwestern State Reagan Lee Middle Blocker Link
Ohio State Mia Grunze Outside Hitter Link
Ohio State Adria Powell Outside Hitter Link
Oregon Brooke Nuneviller Outside Hitter Link
Oregon Karson Bacon Middle Blocker Link
Oregon Chandlar Duff Middle Blocker Link
Oregon Kylie Robinson Setter Link
Oregon Camryn Tastad Libero Link
Oregon (beach) Emily Mattoon Link
Oregon State Nya Buckner Outside Hitter Link
Penn State Jonni Parker Setter/Opposite
Purdue Marissa Hornung Defensive Specialist Link Link
Purdue Garrett Joiner Outside Hitter Link Link
Purdue Jael Johnson Middle Blocker Link Link
Purdue Grace Cleveland Middle Blocker Link Link
Sacramento State McKenna Smith Setter Link
Sacramento State Kayla Subbert Middle Blocker Link
Sacramento State Claudia Wilson Outside Hitter Link
South Carolina Courtney Weber Setter
Texas Asjia O’Neal Middle Blocker Link Link
Texas A&M London Austin-Roark Middle Blocker Link
Texas A&M Camryn Kotlarz Outside Hitter Link
Texas A&M Kaitlyn Rogers Setter Link
Texas State Emily DeWalt Setter Link
Texas State Janell Fitzgerald Outside Hitter Link
Texas State Kayla Granado Defensive Specialist Link
Texas State Kaylie Koenen Defensive Specialist Link
Texas State Mallory Pittman Outside Hitter Link
Texas State Jillian Slaughter Middle Blocker Link
Texas State Lauren Teske Outside Hitter Link
Texas State Sarabi Worsley-Gilbert Outside Hitter Link
UCF Briana Garcia Opposite Link
UCF Kathryn Wesolich Middle Blocker Link
UCF Bailey Wilson Libero Link
UCF Amber Olson Setter Link
UCF McKenna Melville Libero Link
UCLA Devon Chang Setter Link
UCLA Lexi Hadrych Outside Hitter Link
UCLA Hawley Harrer
Setter/Outside Hitter
UCLA (beach) Abby VanWinkle
UNC Annabelle Archer
USC Abby Hansen Middle Blocker
Utah State Preslee Jensen Middle Blocker/Opposite Link
Utah State Corinne Larsen Middle Blocker Link
Utah State Whitney Solosabal Outside Hitter Link
Utah State Cassandra DuBose Libero Link
Washington Dani Cole Outside Hitter/Opposite Link
Washington Shannon Crenshaw Outside Hitter/Opposite Link
Washington Marin Grote Outside Hitter/Middle Blocker Link
Washington Claire Hoffman Outside Hitter Link
Washington Ella May Powell Setter Link
Washington State Kalyah Williams Outside Hitter/Middle Blocker Link
Washington State Hannah Pukis Setter Link
Washington State Aria McComber Defensive Specialist/Libero Link
William & Mary Claire Farrell Outside Hitter/Opposite Link
William & Mary Lauren Merrill Outside Hitter Link
William & Mary Macy Cummings Outside Hitter Link
William & Mary Madeleine Bertz Middle Blocker Link
Wisconsin Julia Wohlert Opposite/Middle Blocker Link Link
WKU Payton Frederick Libero Link
WKU Katie Isenbarger Middle Blocker Link
WKU Lauren Matthews Middle Blocker Link
Wyoming Carlie Fikse Middle Blocker Link
Wyoming Kailey McMahon Outside Hitter Link
Wyoming Jaiden Chase Libero Link


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