6 Teams To Highlight 2017 Women’s World Grand Champions Cup

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2017 World Grand Champions Cup – Women

The 2017 World Grand Champions Cup will begin on September 5 in Tokyo, Japan with six teams playing a round robin style tournament for the top prize. This means that the team with the best overall record will win the Cup (explained below).

The tournament runs every four years, with Japan hosting the tournament every year. The event will take place in two different locations – Nagoya Nippongaishi Hall and Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. In the 2013 edition of the event, Brazil took the top prize over Team USA, with Japan coming in third.

This year, Japan, China, Russia, Team USA, Brazil and Korea will compete in the tournament. Japan is the host, earning the automatic bid, while China, Russia, Team USA and Brazil earning their spots by being the top ranked team in their confederation following the 2016 Olympic Games. Korea was the final choice into the tournament, determined by the FIVB.

There will be three matches per day at the event starting on September 5 in Tokyo, while September 7 will be a travel day for all teams as they head to Nagoya to finish out the tournament.


September 5

  • Russia vs. Brazil
  • USA vs. China
  • Japan vs. Korea

September 6

  • Brazil vs. China
  • Korea vs. USA
  • Russia vs. Japan

September 8

  • USA vs. Russia
  • China vs. Korea
  • Japan vs. Brazil

September 9

  • Russia vs. China
  • Brazil vs. Korea
  • Japan vs. USA

Following the final day of play, a team will be crowned the champion on the basis on:

  1. Number of matches won
  2. Match points
  3. Sets ratio
  4. Points ratio
  5. If the tie continues as per the point ratio between two teams, the priority will be given to the team which won the last match between them. When the tie in points ratio is between three or more teams, a new classification of these teams in the terms of points 1, 2 and 3 will be made taking into consideration only the matches in which they were opposed to each other.

Match won 3–0 or 3–1: 3 match points for the winner, 0 match points for the loser
Match won 3–2: 2 match points for the winner, 1 match point for the loser

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