After Pregnancy And Flirting With Retirement, Monika Brzostek Is Back

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Monika Brzostek has had herself a busy last few months. After taking some time off to get pregnant, she flirted with retirement after her baby was born, citing she was having a difficult time adjusting to her new life and giving enough care and attention to her son. One of the best Polish beach players of all time, she slowly came back to playing after she was able to adjust to her new lifestyle, unexpectedly winning a Polish Snow Volley title along the way. She spoke to about her career and adjustments she has had to made with her new partner, Aneta Kaczmarek, as her rich partnership with Kinga Kołosińska has been put on hold ever since she took time-off:

“It took a while for me to get a partner. It’s good that Aneta showed up, basically out of nowhere. We are getting better,  there is less and less misunderstanding as we get to know our game. We advise each other without any offense, but with constructive conversation.

I would really like to continue playing. My first return did not turn out well. I do not know what to say about it, why I did not go to the training camp. I became a mother and overwhelmed by being a mom and playing. I exploded along the way. Now Julek is one year old and I approach it all differently. I know that when he stays with someone, it’s OK and he does not get hurt. I used to think that if I’m not there, it’s bad, but I know he’s well looked after. What would not happen, we will soon see on the beach!”

Brzostek became an Olympian in 2016. She was a Junior World Champion in 2009, and a silver medalist at the 2013 Universiade and 2016 World Cup.

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Złoto w pierwszych oficjalnych Mistrzostwach Polski w siatkówce na śniegu:)!!!

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