Brazilian Circuit Winner, Maria Had To Sell Bikinis To Finance Seasons

  0 Liam Smith | May 19th, 2018 | FIVB World Tour, News, Pro Beach

Whoever sees the successful duo of Maria Elisa and Carol Solberg on the sandy beaches of FIVB`s World Tour cannot imagine the dire straits the partnership has to endure just to keep itself alive. Current Brazilian circuit champions, the duo that was recently crowned a silver medal at the Huntington Beach Open, has not in their adversaries their main battles, instead struggling with the financial situation of Brazilian Beach Volleyball more than anything. Without sponsors, the duo has to make ends meet in the most imaginative ways (

“Nowadays, you have to constantly be in Brazil`s Top 3 in order to afford to pay your bills and, maybe, pay your technical staff. Our team is comprised of 10 people, and all costs have to be met by us. Carol and I are left profit-less most of the time. After all the bills are paid, there is nothing left. I am not from a rich family. My dad already had to sell his car to help me, while I had to sell bikinis and sunglasses to continue playing.” – Maria Elisa

“Last year was very hard for Maria and I. I was coming back from my second pregnancy, without any kind of sponsorship or help. We weren`t able to play in any tournaments at the end of the year because of money. Still, I love playing. But I wish I was recognized for my performance. I wish I could pay my bills playing the sport. Sponsors need to realize that you can`t just invest on athletes one year before the Olympics. It`s a cycle, an investment. I`ve gone through this with my brother as well (Pedro Solberg). One month after the Olympic Games were over, his sponsors left. This is very frustrating for an athlete. We play because we love the sport and don`t want to give it up.” – Carol Solberg

While FIVB Prize Money for the world`s most famous beach events is quite nice of a purse, they only come around once in a while, and no team can live strictly by it. Sadly, this situation is all too common in Brazil:

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