Brazilians Debut Fun Superhero-Themed Superliga Presentation TV Ad

  0 Liam Smith | October 06th, 2017 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball

The Brazilian Superliga 2017/2018 starts next weekend. As a celebration, the Brazilian Federation together with a Brazilian TV Network made a fun ad to get fans into the groove. In it, we can see great Brazilian stars and national teamers assume the role of superheroes:

FALTA POUCO! Tá quase na hora de começar a #Superliga 17/18 e a RedeTV! preparou uma chamada bem legal para a competição. Só clicar no vídeo para assistir. O jogo de abertura entre o Sesc RJ e o EMS Vôlei Taubaté Funvic acontecerá no dia 14/10 com transmissão do canal, às 14h05. Curte aqui! #PartiuSuperliga #vôlei #voleibol

Posted by CBV – Confederação Brasileira de Voleibol on Friday, October 6, 2017

  • Gold medalist William Arjona is portrayed as someone we can only assume makes homage to Dragon Ball Z.
  • Gold medalist Fernanda Garay is portrayed as Fantastic Four’s Human Torch.
  • Two time Olympic gold medalist Sérgio Santos (Sérginho) is portrayed as something akin to Fantastic Four’s The Thing.
  • Suelle Oliveira is portrayed as some kind of x-men??
  • Olympic gold medalist Ricardo Garcia (Ricardinho, yes, he is still playing at 41), who some people consider to be the best male setter in the history of volleyball also appears to be some kind of x-men.

However, amidst fun ads, we cannot forget that most teams in Superliga are in dire financial situation. Just today, only a few days prior to the start of the competition, female squad Rio do Sul closed its doors. What effect will this have on Superliga’s players’ morale?

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