Final Day Scenarios for Men’s Grand Champions Cup

  0 Jeremy Brahm | September 16th, 2017 | International Volleyball


Going into Sunday (or Saturday night for those of us on the West Coast of the U.S.), four teams still have a chance at winning the FIVB Men’s Grand Champions Cup. France and Japan have been eliminated already. Brazil, Italy, Iran and the USA are the teams who have a chance at winning the title. The following covers the different scenarios for each team to win the title.

Brazil 3 wins-1 loss, 9 points

Brazil who will play in the last of the three matches against host Brazil, will have to win their match against Japan. As the worst case scenario for Brazil is that they will have to win in 4 sets against Japan. Italy with a win over the USA in 3 or 4 sets would put the Italians at 12 points. Brazil would have to match the Italian’s result. If it went 5 they would be eliminated. If the USA wins against Italy, the USA would reach 10 or 11 points, but only at 3 wins. Brazil would need to win to then take the title. With an Iran win over France, Iran would reach 9 or 10 points and 4 wins. Brazil would again need to win, to reach 4 wins and pass Iran on points with 11 or 12.

Italy 3 wins-1 loss, 9 points

Italy must defeat the USA to have a chance. Any win would eliminate Iran from the conversation for them as they would reach 11 points, and Iran even with a win can only reach 10 points, while they would be tied on wins. Brazil would then have to lose. Italy would win the title with 4 wins to Brazil having only 3 wins. A loss eliminates them as the USA would have a sets ratio advantage if they tied on 3 wins and 10 points in a 5 set match. Plus if it went 3 or 4 sets, USA would pass Italy on points (11-9).

Iran 3 wins-1 loss, 7 points

With Iran winning two matches in 5 sets, they have the hardest road to be champions due to only having 7 points with the 3 wins. Iran must win against France. A 3 or 4 sets win will get them to 10 points, while a 5 set win gets them to 9 points. Iran needs a USA win, keeps Italy from reaching 4 wins and also a Brazil loss, also keeps Brazil from reaching 4 wins for Iran to be champions. If Brazil wins, they will reach a minimum of 11 points, surpassing Iran.

USA 2 wins-2 loss, 8 points

USA needs to beat Italy, which would get them to 3 wins with 10 (5 sets) or 11 points. As they are the first match of the day, the USA will be in first place with the win. Iran who plays in the following match will have to lose to France for the USA to remain alive. USA then would have to wait for the final match between Brazil and Japan. Japan would have to beat Brazil. If Brazil lost in 3 or 4 sets, USA would have 10 or 11 points and win the title, because Brazil would only reach 9 points. If the Brazil lost in 5 sets, the teams would be tied on wins, and sets ratio if the USA went 5 sets too (13-8). It would then go to points ratio, which right now the USA would be ahead.

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