Former UCF Star Kia Bright Struggling With Philippine Weather

  0 Liam Smith | June 20th, 2018 | Asian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Philippines Volleyball, Pro Indoor

Kia Bright had a very successful career at University of Central of Florida. When all was set and done, she left the program after four years with 1368 kills and 1221 digs. A native of Florida herself, when she embarked on a plane to the Philippines to start out her professional career, she thought the country’s warm weather would not be a problem in her new home. She confessed on that she was terribly wrong, and commented on how she is having a hard time adapting:

“It’s really the heat. It’s the Sunshine State, so that’s why I thought I was gonna be okay when they said it’s hot. But then I came here, and I’m like dying. I’m not used to practicing or playing in the heat. It’s one thing to walk to my car, but to have to play and compete in a high level in the heat, it’s challenging. I’m still playing somewhat uncomfortable, but I’ve accepted that. I just realized that it’s not gonna get easier so I have to find ways to be successful in these conditions or with this discomfort. I’m just trying to use it as a way to strengthen me. It pushes me to my limit, like questioning myself on how dedicated I am. It makes me a better, well-rounded player.”

Regardless of her difficult time adapting, Bright is having a stellar season with BanKo-Perlas. This Wednesday, she scored 24 points in her team’s win against Iriga-Navy. With the win, BanKo is now a lock for the semifinals of the 2018 Premier Volleyball League Reinforced Conference Women’s Division.

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