Brazilian League

Favorites Start Quarterfinals Strong – Male Superliga Recap

No surprises on Superliga’s first round of playoffs

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Fronckowiak Blasts Brazilian Players’ Disinterest In Foreign Leagues

How will his statements be met by the Brazilian national team roster?

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Katarzyna Skowronska Talks About Her Brazilian Adventure

Will Katarzyna continue her volleyball career, or is she calling it quits?

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Tifanny Says She Has To Improve To Be 1st Trans Player In Brazil’s NT

Tifanny Abreu anxiously awaits the opportunity to be called by José Roberto Guimarães for Brazil’s national team

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Hairton Cabral Resigns From São Caetano, Rizola Possible Replacement

Superliga is not even yet over and the coaches’ dancing chair game has already started

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CBV Accused Of Illegally Selling Sponsor’s Sporting Materials

The institution will face a lot of fallout from clubs if it is not able to defend itself from these recent accusations.

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Fernanda Venturini Doesn’t Want Bernardinho Involved In Politics

Bernardinho’s wife takes to social media to express her disgust with Brazilian politics

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