NFHS Approves Rule Revisions For 2018-19 High School Season

  0 Carly DeMarque | January 31st, 2018 | High School, News

The NFHS has issued a number of new rules for the 2018-19 high school volleyball season. The rules were discussed by the NFHS at their meeting from January 7-9 and include a new penalty and procedures to help reduce injury.

Many of the rules are already in place, with just a few tweaks or clarifications being put in place. This will allow for fewer disputes over the rules, making the game flow more readily.

The rules include:

Rule 10-2: within this rule, after a team is charged with unnecessary delay no substitutions may be requested by that team until the next completed rally. This allows for the game to move forward rather than remain halted with the addition of another substitution (delay) in the match. For this rule, the committee approved a change in the signal regarding unnecessary delay – the official will raise the hand on the side of the offending team, besides the head with the palm facing the shoulder and hold the appropriate card on the wrist of the raised hand.

Rule 11-5-3: this rule is new, which states that between sets, teams may warm up in their playing area – however, the volleyball may not be hit over the net.

Rule 2-4-1b: this rule clarifies that no team member may assist another player during an attempt to play the ball. The change in this rule is the wording from “another player” to “team members” as to include the players sitting on the bench.

Rule 5-8-3a: this rule states that when multiple courts are in use, the second referee may end a timeout or interval between sets with a whistle. The original rule states that the sound of the horn for the board is to be used to signal the end of the timeout, but when multiple courts are being used it could become confusing.

Rule 9-8-2: this rule states that once a replay is signaled by the first referee, no requests may be recognized until after the replay. The only exception would be allowed if a player is injured or ill.

Rule 11-4-1b: in continuation to Rule 9-8-2, the rule now states that a coach has the option of requesting a substitution, complete a legal libero change or take a timeout if the team has a remaining timeout.

Rule 5-5-3b: this rule states that the second referee will ensure that the head coach remains in the replacement zone no closer than 6 feet to the sideline when standing during play.

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