Ross/Klineman, Carol/Maria Antonelli Advance Through Hague Qualifiers

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  • Jan. 2-7, 2018
  • Sportcampus Zuiderpark; The Hague, Netherlands
  • Schedule/Results

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Defending champions Carolina Salgado and Maria Antonelli, who won the Hague title in June, led the list of eight teams making their way through the qualifying round on Wednesday, moving on to the Dela Beach Open main draw.

Also through to Thursday’s action were Swedish duo Kristina and Susanna Thurin, who are making their FIVB main draw debut, and newly formed American duo April Ross and Alix Klineman. Each won both of their matches in straight sets.

Teams had to win two matches on Wednesday to make it through the qualifying rounds.

The main draw features eight pools (A-H) of four teams each. Teams from 18 countries make up the 32-team field with the United States and Brazil boasting four apiece followed by the Netherlands with three. Six countries put two teams in the main draw: Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Japan, Russia and Thailand.


Qualifying Round 1

Maria Antonelli/Carolina Salgado (Brazil) def. Freiberger/Klopf (Austria) 21-14, 21-17

Lunde/Ulveseth (Norway) def. Jancar/Kotnik (Slovenia) 21-11, 21-18

Graudina/Kravcenoka (Latvia) def. Yoken/Simonsson (Sweden) 21-9, 21-13

Mersmann/Tillmann (Germany) def. Matic/Milosevic (Serbia) 21-19, 21-19

Futami/Hasegawa (Japan) def. Trans/Tyndeskov (Denmark) 21-14, 21-13

Makhno, In./Makhno, Ir. (Ukraine) def. Motrich/Ganeno (Russia) 21-19, 22-20

Dabizha/Abalakina (Russia) def. Chamereau/Jupiter (France) 21-15, 21-19

Bonnerova/Nakladalova (Czech Republic) def. Sondegard/Okholm (Denmark) 21-15, 21-17

Thurin, K./Thurin, S. (Sweden) def. Gromadowska/Gruszcynska (Poland) 21-19, 22-20

Driessen/Meertens (Netherlands) def. Strbova/Dubovcova (Slovakia) 21-13, 14-21, 15-13

Matei/Vaida (Romania) def. Beattie/Coutts (Scotland) 21-6, 21-11

Karagkouni/Spiliotopoulou (Greece) def. Bocharova/Voronina (Russia) 21-19, 20-22, 17-15

Kusano/Take (Japan) def. Mizoe/Hashimoto (Japan) 21-16, 17-21, 15-11

Amaranta/Lobato (Spain) def. Andriukaityte/Zobnina (Lithuania) 21-16, 21-19

Richard/Placette (France) def. Grimson/Palmer (England) 21-11, 21-12

Klineman/Ross (USA) def. vanDriel/Schoon (Netherlands) 21-9, 21-7


Qualifying Round 2

Maria Antonelli/Carol (Brazil) def. Lunde/Ulveseth (Norway) 25-23, 21-18

Tina Graudina/Anastasija Kravcenoka (Latvia) def. Mersmann/Tillmann (Germany) 21-15, 21-14

Azusa Futami/Akiko Hasegawa (Japan) def. Makhno, In./Makhno, Ir. (Ukraine) 21-14, 18-21, 15-11

Ksenia Dabizha/Yulia Abalakina (Russia) def. Bonnerova/Nakladalova (Czech Republic) 18-21, 24-22, 15-8

Kristina Thurin/Susanna Thurin (Sweden) def. Driessen/Meertens (Netherlands) 21-13, 21-18

Maria Matei/Beata Vaida (Romania) def. Karagkouni/Spilotopoulou (Greece) 21-14, 21-16

Amaranta Fernandez Navarro/Angela Lobato Herrero (Spain) def. Kusano/Take (Japan) 21-17, 21-10

Alix Klineman/April Ross (USA) def. Richard/Placette (France) 21-15, 21-11

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