Sir Safety Perugia Holds Big Party For Leon’s Presentation

  0 Liam Smith | June 11th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, Men's Transfers, News, Pro Indoor

Sir Safety Perugia is not hiding the fact that it is ecstatic from winning the Wilfredo Leon sweepstakes. The team has engulfed the Cuban phenom in a sea of celebration since he decided to sign with the current Italian Champions. The top of it all happened yesterday, when Leon was official presented to Perugia’s volleyball community in an event hosted by the team in one of the city’s shopping centers.

The whole Perugia brass was present, with Leon addressing the crowd in fluent Italian and handing out autographs. He also posed with the first time with the team’s jersey. Leal was visibly happy during all of the events, in which the media later dubbed “Leal’s Day”:

“Thanks everyone, I am very happy to be here and to be part of a very strong team. I am here to give 100% of myself and I thank the president and all the sponsors who made all this possible. Perugia has won everything this year, did a great job and proved to be very strong. I am happy to have a coach like Bernardi, I will work very hard and if in the past I gave 100%, here with him I will give even more.

When I decided to leave Zenit Kazan, I also had talks with Polish and Turkish teams, but I wanted to play in the Italian league and I enthusiastically chose Perugia where many international players play. I am happy to have the chance to play with them and I think I will technically improve here. The affection of all these fans is fantastic and I can not wait to see them in the arena. It’s the first time I’ve come to a new team and I feel so much emotion.

My goals after my many victories in Kazan? Here in Perugia there are new destinations that I ca reach. I want to confirm what I have done in the past years and to do even better. The pressure? I do not feel it. I really enjoy playing and I think only to give my best!”

"Certe volte tutta la vita si riduce ad un unico, folle gesto."👽👽 Arriva. Davvero. Inizia oggi il conto alla rovescia ⏳⏳ per la presentazione ufficiale di Wilfredo León Venero e della sua avventura alla Sir Safety Perugia Volley Club. Vi aspettiamo al Quasar Village di Corciano verso le 17. Inizia l'#eraleon !!! #rcd #gosir #sirmaniaci

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