FIVB Updates U18/U19 Girls and Boys World Rankings for 2017

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The FIVB World Rankings for U18/U19 for both girl’s and boy’s teams have been announced as of January 2017. The previous rankings were listed back in August of 2015, and the new results have been updated to reflect last year’s results. The World Championship tournament for the age group is held every 2 years and 2017 will mark the 15th edition of the event.

GIRLS U/18 World Championship Rankings

The FIVB age group championships have 6 age groups with the youngest division being the Girls U/18 first introduced in 1989. Italy won their first gold medal last year in Peru in 2015 and USA won the gold back in 2013. Argentina will host the 2017 Girls U18 World Championship from August 18-27 for the country’s first time.

Argentina automatically qualifies for the hosting the 2017 Girls U18 World Championship with Brazil and Peru qualifying in August alongside Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and USA.

There are a total of 66 teams that are ranked as of January 2017 based on the point system, here are the top 5:

  • #1 USA with 116 points
  • #2 Italy with 114 points
  • #3 China with 102 points
  • #4 Turkey with 88 points
  • #5 Serbia with 86 points

The U18 Continental Qualification Championship rankings for 2016-2017 are a bit different:

  • Brazil, Egypt, and the Dominican Republic are all ranked #1
  • USA, Peru, Madagascar are ranked #2
  • Argentina, Mexico, and Mauritius are all ranked #3
  • Colombia and Puerto Rico are ranked #4
  • Chile and Costa Rica are ranked #5
  • Guatemala and Bolivia are ranked #6
  • Uruguay and Barbados are ranked #7
  • French Saint Martin and Venezuela are ranked #8

BOYS U/19 World Championship Rankings

The Boys U/19 is the youngest age group for males and will have a total 20 teams attending the finals in 2017 in Bahrain from August 18-27th. Poland won their first gold medal in 2015 defeating Argentina in the finals.

Brazil and Argentina are already qualified for the 2017 FIVB volleyball boy’s U19 World Championships game in alongside with Cuba, USA, Tunisia and Egypt.

There are a total 69 teams that are ranked as of January 2017 based on the same point system, here are the top 5:

  • #1 Poland with 130 points
  • #2 Argentina with 120 points
  • #3 Iran with 110 points
  • #4 Italy with 86 points
  • #5 Russia with 84 points

The U19 Continental Qualification Championship rankings for 2016-2017 are a bit different:

  • Argentina, Cuba, and Tunisia are all ranked #1
  • Brazil, USA and Egypt are all ranked #2
  • Mexico, Colombia, and Morocco are all ranked #3
  • Nicaragua, Bolivia, Rwanda are all ranked #4
  • Chile and Jamaica are ranked #5
  • Dominican Republic and Peru are ranked #6
  • Costa Rica is ranked #7
  • Antigua & Barbuda is ranked #8


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