Leon Praises Coach Vital Heynen, Can`t Hide Anxiety Over Polish Debut

  0 Liam Smith | May 20th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor

Polish fans are living in somewhat of an angst. Imagine having to go through this year`s VNL and World Championship knowing that if not for a couple of months, you`d have the world`s best player on your roster. It just so happens that the feeling is mutual, and Wilfredo Leon is also very anxious to finally debut for the Polish National team. However, while that festive date is still more than an year away, the superstar player is already in friendly terms with the team`s coach Vital Heynen. Wildly considered a “players` coach” and deeply respected by all of his players (he even went as so far as starting to learn Polish to speak to his squad), he already has Leon`s respect and admiration (Siatka.org):

Vital Heynen and I mainly talk by e-mail and exchange information on an ongoing basis. I am very happy that the coach keeps me in mind all the time. I think Heynen is one of the best trainers in recent years and I am very satisfied with his work method, whith what he gives the team. He works like a doctor, trying to fix up all the team`s needs. Also, he is not only interested in sports, but deeply cares about players`personal lives as well. For players that it is very important, and I am glad that I will be able to work with someone like that.”

As for his debut date, Leon will be cleared to play from July 24, 2019. As he has done many times in the past, he has recently expressed his anxiety at finally being able to wear Poland`s red and white jersey:

“July 24, 2019 is the date to which I count down the days and I can not wait to be able to play in the Polish national team. Already this season, I told my friends from Zenit: “I feel great and I would love to see each other on two sides of the net also in national team games. But you`ll have to be attentive, because there will be no sentiments on the court and I will not hold my hand!”

The volleyball community expects Poland`s national team to be a formidable foe with Leon and Vital at the helm.

“Leon Is Already A Member Of Our Team” – Poland’s HC Vital Heynen


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