Leon is our real goal, And I Hope Zaytsev Stays – Perugia’s Gino Sirci

  0 Liam Smith | January 26th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, Men's Transfers, News, Pro Indoor

There is no doubt that Cuban superstar Wilfredo Leon is the biggest and hottest commodity in the world of volleyball right now. So much so, that even months before the 2018 season ends, his club of destination for the upcoming season is the most talked about topic on volleyball circles. Leon’s impact on the court is so massive that his decision will have ripple effects throughout the entire world of club volleyball.

Some clubs have taken the first steps on trying to woo Leon to their squads. Perhaps, none more so than Italy’s powerhouse Sir Safety Perugia, who allegedly already made Leon a hefty offer. Club president Gino Sirci, is not shy to be outspoken of his intentions. Here are excerpts from an interview he gave to Gazetta.it:

“Leon is our real goal. We had made him an offer last year, but we knew he would not move. Now he wants to leave Russia and we are aiming to get him to come to us. It will not be easy. We know the player’s salary is huge, but we are working to build a project to find resources. We are convinced that with Leon, who is not yet 25, the PalaEvangelisti can always be sold out thanks to fans from other Italian and European cities. For this reason we are planning to build packages with entrance to the game and lunch at € 60 or with the addition of the hotel, and sightseeing in Umbria, as well as in Florence or Rome. The idea is to create a reception center to sort the tourists-spectators.”

However, if Leon is indeed to sign with Perugia, there are rumors that this would push another volleyball great out of the team, Ivan Zaytsev. Gino Sirci also recognizes this:

“We hope he decides to stay. He is hesitant because he would like to go back to being an opposite hitter. I understand that, even in soccer it is better to be a striker than than a defender, but he said he wants to stay in Italy and I do not know if he can find the same technical conditions he has in Perugia elsewhere in the country. We are willing to wait for his decision.”

If in some way Perugia is able to add Leon and keep Zaytsev, then there is no doubt that the club would be the front runner to win every one of its tournaments in the foreseeable future.

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