Gabriela Guimaraes

Tifanny Says She Has To Improve To Be 1st Trans Player In Brazil’s NT

Tifanny Abreu anxiously awaits the opportunity to be called by José Roberto Guimarães for Brazil’s national team

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CBV’s Director Supports Trans Players Participation On Brazilian NT

“The law says that if Tifanny presents blood-work results consistent with IOC regulations, she can play. She did.”

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Tifanny Is Tagged With Maximum Score In Superliga’s Parity System

Tifanny Abreu made volleyball history when she became the first trans female to play in Brazil’s Superliga

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SESC Players And Staff Comment On The Arrest Of Team’s President

If Sesc is indeed to end, it would be perhaps the biggest blow for Superliga in the competition’s history.

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(BRA) Camponesa/Minas Nets 5th Straight 3-0 Win – SL Round 16 Recap

2017-2018 BRAZILIAN WOMEN’S SUPERLIGA 10/15 – 03/02 – Regular Season Official League Site Teams Schedule Power Rankings Round 1; Round 2; Round…

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