Women’s VNL Final 6 Scenarios for June 13th

  0 Jeremy Brahm | June 13th, 2018 | FIVB Nations League - Women, News

With Brazil defeating Belgium to reach 11 wins, and Serbia’s victory over the VNL League leading United States Women’s team to reach 10 wins and 31 points. Both teams were able to clinch their Final 6 berths for Nanjing, China on June 12th. So with four of the six teams with their tickets to the Finals clinched, China (as hosts), the United States, Brazil and Serbia are waiting for the remaining two teams. There are only three teams remaining with a chance to participate in the Final 6, but even the final positions in the Preliminary Round provide seeding for the pools in the Final 6, it means that there are still things to play for with two matches remaining. Below we will go through the scenarios for each of the seven teams (including hosts China).

1st Place USA (11-2, 34 points) with a maximum of (13-2, 40 points), Clinched Berth

The loss to Serbia really did not hurt the USA’s chances to be in Pool B in the Final 6 in Nanjing. The USA has a 3 point advantage over Brazil and Serbia. While the USA is tied with Brazil on wins, the USA maintains a win (11-10) advantage over Serbia and the Netherlands (6 point advantage). A USA WIN IN <5 against South Korea will put them in the top two and Pool B in Nanjing, as Serbia cannot over take the USA if tied on wins and points as the USA would have a better sets ratio. A USA LOSS AND Serbia LOSS will clinch a berth (Netherlands cannot match USA sets ratio).

2nd Place Brazil (11-2, 31 points) with a maximum of (13-2, 37 points), Clinched Berth

Brazil has a win (11-10) advantage over Serbia and Netherlands (3 point advantage). Brazil MUST WIN AND Serbia, Netherlands AND Turkey ALL LOSE to clinch a top two position and a spot in Pool B in Nanjing.

3rd Place Serbia (10-3, 31 points) with a maximum of (12-3, 37 points), Clinched Berth

Serbia cannot clinch a top two position due to the USA and Brazil having one more win before play starts on Wednesday.

4th Place Netherlands (10-3, 28 points) with a maximum of (12-3, 34 points)

Netherlands can clinch with WIN over China OR Italy LOSS.

5th Place Turkey (9-4, 29 points) with a maximum of (11-3, 35 points)

Turkey can clinch with WIN over Germany OR Italy LOSS.

6th Place Italy (8-5, 24 points) with a maximum of (10-5, 30 points)

Italy MUST WIN against Belgium as they are more than 3 points behind the Netherlands and Turkey AND have Netherlands OR Turkey LOSE. There is a possibility for a three way tie at 10-5 and 30 points between the three teams on the final day.

7th Place China (7-6, 22 points) with a maximum of (9-6, 28 points), Clinched Berth as Final 6 Hosts

Can play spoiler with a win over the Netherlands.

As the for the Challenger teams between Argentina (1-12, 3 points), Belgium (3-10, 9 points), Dominican Republic (2-11, 8 points) and Poland (7-6, 19 points), Argentina kept themselves alive with a sweep against South Korea on Tuesday. Argentina still has an uphill battle as they face Serbia on Wednesday. An Argentina LOSS will have them face the winner of the Challenger Cup to stay in the VNL for 2019. If Argentina does win, they will still need to defeat the USA on Thursday to get out of last place with the other Challenger teams.

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