Canoas Folds Out Of Brazilian Superliga

  0 Liam Smith | June 20th, 2018 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball

In what can be understood by fans as a prime example of the fragility of the domestic volleyball market around the world, yet another club has closed down its doors, this time in Brazil’s male Superliga. After finishing its last season in 8th place, thus locking up a playoff-spot, the club released an official note in its Facebook page stating it is facing deep financial difficulties after a sponsor left the team and that is not currently able to honor the players’ and technical staff ‘s salaries.  Here is the club’s full release:

“Dear fans and followers,

After six seasons in Superliga, where we played with a lot of dignity, the time has come, unfortunately, to give up our competition spot for next season. We will take a step back at this point, to hopefully take two forward in the future. Our main objective now is to honor the athletes’ and technical staffs contracts, as the club always did, and then think about joining Superliga B. A restart.

One of our sponsors did not honor its financial ties to the club, which now means we are deeply in debt. We are working towards solving this and continuing our rich volleyball tradition. We need help to maintain and improve our project and for that we count on all of our fans and possible new partners who accept this beautiful challenge of representing our state. After many years, our state will be without representative in the elite of Brazilian volleyball. May it be for a short time. We will work hard to get back to where we should always be. We count on the support and understanding of all!”

Canoas will follow the fate of other recently folded clubs like Rio do Sul and Liu Jo Nordmeccanica Modena.

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