Earvin Ngapeth Announces His Transfer To Russia’s Zenit Kazan

  0 Liam Smith | March 30th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, Men's Transfers, News, Pro Indoor, Russian League

Earvin Ngapeth has just told Paris’ L’Equipe newspaper that he will be leaving Italy’s Modena for Russia’s Zenit Kazan next season. Here is his official statement:

“I made the decision to leave and go to Kazan. This was for two simple reasons: the first is that I feel I have finished my cycle in Modena. I’ve been there for four and a half years and, apart from the Champions League, I’ve won everything. I feel like I’ve entered a kind of routine at the end of a cycle. I miss something. I feel the need to see something else and put myself at stake to rediscover different stimuli. Second: Radostin Stoytchev is a good coach, but he is not my type of coach. You know, we’ve discussed it several times. We had occasional disagreements. I like having my freedom to play. He wants everything to be square and square. I’m not that kind of player. His contract will last two more years and I can not continue like this in a game system that does not satisfy me. It’s better if I leave. I spoke with Catia (Pedrini, the president of Modena). It’s very difficult because I love her very much, she loves me a lot, I love this club and its supporters, but I can not give up the opportunity to go to Kazan.”

Ngapeth’s decision most definitely means that Wilfredo Leon will be out of Kazan next season. This is a rare occasion, when a coach wins an arm-wrestling match against one of the world’s most prestigious players. To recall the Ngapeth x Stoytchev feud saga, visit the following articles:

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