First Trans Player In Brazil’s League, Tifanny Is Running For Congress

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Tifanny Abreu made volleyball history when she became the first trans female to play in Brazil’s Superliga. Since then, she broke the competition’s single game scoring record, and has dominated the league’s offensive statistics. Such performances has drawn the ire of many teams, players, and fans, who have asked the Brazilian Volleyball Federation (CBV) to find a “solution” to the situation. Although CBV has not yet taken any action on the matter, as it will probably wait for FIVB’s future decisions, clubs have taken action by agreeing to tag Tifanny with a maximum score in Superliga’s parity system for next season, one of only two players who are not Olympic gold medalists, but yet were singled out with the distinction. She has recently extended her contract with Bauru for next season, although a call up for Brazil’s national team was axed by the CBV and FIVB.


Tifanny really became a prominent public figure in Brazil after she broke into the country’s professional volleyball scene. Although she had said in the past that she wouldn’t leave the sport for politics, she has backtracked and is not actively campaigning for a spot in Brazil’s congress. Her campaign slogan is “Why Not?”:

“As long as we think that this or that political party can not represent the LGBT community, we will be on the losing side. Today we have very few representatives and we end up defeated when suggesting projects aimed at our community within the assemblies. We have to have more representatives, from all parties. As the more parties open their doors for us, the more we will embrace the opportunity, only then will we really have representation, we will be able to fight on an equal basis, without being ever defeated. I’m prepared for this fight! I want to be the trans that will shake Brasilia.”

In what many considered to be an insurance policy just in case Tifanny gets elected and leaves the team, Sesi Bauru recently signed Italy’s Valentina Diouf as her possible replacement.

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