Men’s Champions League Final Four; Who Ya Got?

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In this article, we delve into how each team got here, who each team’s primary players are, and what it might take to win it all. You can see the website for all other preview information here.


  • Zenit-Kazan
    • Russian Champions
    • World Club Champions
    • Five-time Champions League champions
    • Host, earning an automatic bid
  • Sir Sicoma Perugia
    • Italian Champions, first time ever
    • Second-straight Champions League Final Four
    • Supercup champions
    • National cup champions
  • Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle
    • Polish National Champion
    • Zaksa has already played their semifinal opponent, Cucine Lube, in a five-set loss in the Club World Championships in Brazil
    • Fourth time in CL Final Four
    • Never won CL
  • Cucine Lube Civitanova
    • Italian League 2nd place finishers
    • Third-straight appearance in the CL Final Four
    • Lost World Club Championship title match to Zenit Kazan
    • Third time in CL Final Four



This is Zenit’s to lose. Looking for their third major gold medal this season and sporting a 51-4 record since September, there is no slowing down the Russian armada. The only thing that might be holding back the Russians are their level of energy.

“I feel beat up, depleted from the season,” said Matt Anderson. “But I’m stoked to play. It’s the Final Four, it’s huge. It creates its own motivation to just rip it.”

The two Italian squads are more than capable of taking over a match, but needing that third attacker might be the difference. Cucine Lube has been looking for that second outside hitting position, with Sander’s inconsistent play this season. Additionally, Zaitsev and Russell can only do so much carrying for the Block Devils. Who else will step up?

That leaves the Polish champions, Zaksa, as the odd team out. They’ve earned a silver medal twice previously, but their most recent trip showed that they were outmatched in getting fourth.


  • Saturday, May 12
    • Zaksa v Cucine Lube, 1600 local time (0900 Eastern time)
    • Zenit Kazan v Sir Sicoma, 1900 local time (1200 Eastern time)
  • Sunday, May 13
    • Bronze medal match, 1600 local time
    • Gold medal match, 1900 local time

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