Modena’s President Reacts To Ngapeth’s Transfer Announcement

  0 Liam Smith | March 31st, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, Men's Transfers, News, Pro Indoor, Russian League

Earvin Ngapeth has recently made known that he will be leaving Italy’s Modena after the current season is over. His transfer is the result of a feud with the team’s coach, Radostin Stoytchev. The feud put Modena’s general management in an uncomfortable position, as both player and coach have a splendid relationship with the team’s president, Catia Pedrini.  Here is what Ngapeth had to say about his relationship with his soon to be former boss:

“I spoke with Catia. It’s very difficult because I love her very much, she loves me a lot, I love this club and its supporters, but I can not give up the opportunity to go to Kazan.”

A few hous later, Catia herself made public her reaction to Ngapeth’s annoucement (

“I hope that those have known me these past years know of my passion for volleyball in Modena, and my duty to recognize the value of sincerity. I would have preferred, to say frankly, that Earvin awaited until the finish of the playoffs, before publicizing his decision. Of one thing I’m sure: Sunday, in game two against Lube, he will be our main driver, together with the whole team and the whole group. We will fight to the last ball, in the name of a dream that certainly does not die here.

In the Modena courts, Ngapeth has guaranteed years of emotions and victories. I am grateful to him, as I have no doubt of his gratitude towards a team that has given him so much. In Russia, if I can venture a prediction, he will miss us!  As for all the issues related to the management of Modena Volley, well, due to a duty of fairness I will withhold to my analysis until the end of the season. Thanks Earvin.
Go Azimut Modena Volley!
Catia Pedrini.”

It is not common for coaches to win armwrestling matches with star players. To recall the Ngapeth x Stoytchev feud saga, visit the following articles:

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