People Can’t Imagine How Often I Think About My Debut For Poland -Leon

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Fans had a chance to take a glimpse at recently naturalized Polish national team player Wilfredo Leon during the FIVB Club WCH, held in the Polish cities of Lodz, Opole, and Krakow. If fans had any doubts regarding his commitment and intentions with the Polish National Team, they can rest assured that the best player in the world means business. Here is what he had to say about it in an interview given to Russian website

I’m really looking forward to this moment. People cannot imagine how often I think about it. It will be very important for me to debut for Poland’s national team. I hope that I will be able really become a part of it. Of course, I still have to wait for my ineligibility period to be over. We do not know who will be coach in two years, and he will choose the team’s players. However, I think that in any case, I will be able to find a common language with coaches and other players. I really like playing in Poland, it’s always an extra motivation for me. Although I have not yet played for the Polish team, there were fans at the Club World Championship who came to support me. It was very nice and, of course, gave me strength and desire to finally debut.

Leon, who is expected to debut for the Polish NT in the 2019 Euros, recently posted a video on his personal Instagram page commenting on his clearance:

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Drodzy Kibice, Dzisiaj dostałem oficjalną wiadomość, że Światowa Federacja Siatkówki zarejestrowała mnie jako polskiego zawodnika. Chcę podziękować za wsparcie, które od Was dostaję. Szczególnie pomogli mi: – Pan Mirosław Przedpełski w kontaktach z FIVB, – Pan Paweł Mirek Wachowiak w sprawach administracyjnych, – PZPS z Prezesem Jackiem Kasprzykiem na czele w kwestiach finansowych, – Pan Tomasz Dauerman w kwestiach prawnych, – Pan Andrzej Grzyb w kwestiach merytorycznych. Jestem gotowy do gry w Reprezentacji Polski. Mam nadzieję, że nastąpi to w jak najbliższym czasie. Do zobaczenia na meczu biało-czerwonych! Wilfredo Leon Venero

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Also on Leon is one of of many Cuban volleyball players who defected from the Caribbean island and become naturalized citizens of other nations. What would a Cuban that had all these star look like?

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