Serbian Coach Nikola Grbić Blasts World Champs Travel Schedule

  0 Steven Myers | September 28th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

Serbian coach Nikola Grbić has blasted the travel plans for at the World Championships after claiming to have spent 12-13 hours traveling on two occasions.

“I would definitely change one thing,” Grbić said according to Sportowe Fakty in regards to the tournament. “We managed to experience two lasting 12-13 hours of travel from town to town. While some teams had to cover a maximum of one and a half hours. Where’s justice here?”

Despite the fact that he claims to have brought forward these complaints to organizers at the World Championships, Grbić stated, “We can not do anything about it. We can complain and we will hear ‘thank you for our opinion’ and it will continue to be the same”

His complaints come shortly after the Polish national team experienced major travel issues as they prepared to leave Bulgaria for Italy to compete in the third round of the tournament.

Both teams sacrificed significant rest days due to travel errors as they prepared for the third round of the tournament. Both Poland and Serbia are in Pool J with Italy.

Serbia is the only team thus far to complete all their matches in the Pool. They defeated Italy 3-0 before taking a 3-0 loss at the hands of Poland. Because of their overall tournament point score, they’ve managed to advance to the semifinals.

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