Vladimir Alekno

Earvin Ngapeth And Matt Anderson Share The Court For The First Time As Zenit Kazan Beats Kemerovo 3-1

Russia’s top dogs came out with wins this weekend as Zenit St. Petesburg, Belgorod, Zenit Kazan, and Lokomotiv Novosibirsk gave their opponents no chances at success. However, it’s the brave Fakel Novy Urengoy team who is leading the standings at this early stage of the season

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Vital Heynen Tries Out Bartos Kurek At The Middle Blocker Position

At the collegiate level, such changes are not that uncommon. However, that is very unusual in the highly specialized professional game.

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“Why Should I Change?” – Spiridonov Talks About His Polarizing Figure

Ever since his return to Zenit Kazan was announced by the team, a lot of volleyball fans keep asking themselves how can any coach in the world deal with a team that has in it Spiridonov and Earvin Ngapeth

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Coach Alekno On How Hard It Is To Motivate A Team That Wins Everything

How do you motivate a team that constantly wins everything to go even further?

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“Let’s Not Compare Ngapeth And Leon” – Coach Vladimir Alekno

While no one in the world can be a suitable replacement for Leon, it’s safe today that Zenit Kazan signed the next best player as his replacement

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Zenit Kazan Coach Unimpressed with Championship League foe Toulouse

Coach Vladimir Alekno said Zenit Kazan and Spacer’s Toulouse VB are teams of a different level and there was no great benefit for Zenit (to play) in such a match.


Russian Libero Alexei Verbov Scores First Point Of 20 Year old Career

Alexei Verbov could not hide his excitement in having scored his first career point

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There Wasn’t A Single Day This Year We Didn’t Think About Sada – Butko

Zenit Kazan’s captain reveals his team’s psychological state before the FIVB Club WCH

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Sore Losers? Sada Cruzeiro Provokes Zenit Kazan On Twitter After Loss

Was Cruzeiro a sore loser in its twitter comments directed at Zenit Kazan after the Russian squad completely dominated their semifinals match in the FIVB Club WCH?

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Zenit Kazan And Lube Civitanova To Face-Off In FIVB Club WCH Finals

Team USA fans will be able to watch three of the country’s best players on the court tomorrow: Matt Anderson, Micah Christenson, and Taylor Sander.

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