Women’s VNL Final Position Scenarios for June 14th

  0 Jeremy Brahm | June 14th, 2018 | FIVB Nations League - Women, News

With Thursday being the final matchday for the Preliminary Round and all six of the teams for the Final 6 already being decided, we at VolleyMob will look at the final positioning scenarios for all 16 teams in the Women’s VNL.

1st Place – USA (12-2, 37 points)

USA will win the Preliminary Round with a WIN against Argentina OR Brazil LOSS. A USA LOSS AND A Brazil LOSS will also give them the Preliminary Round title. Serbia cannot beat USA if tied on wins and points due to the sets ratio tiebreaker (3.545 to 2.733).

2nd Place – Brazil (12-2, 34 points)

Brazil must WIN against Italy to have a chance at winning the Preliminary Round. A USA LOSS against Argentina would give Brazil the title (13 wins to 12). If USA AND Brazil WIN, Brazil will finish 2nd. A Brazil LOSS IN 5 SETS AND a Serbia win, means that they will finish 3rd. A Brazil LOSS IN <5 SETS AND Serbia WIN AND Netherlands WIN, means that they will finish 4th.

3rd Place – Serbia (11-3, 34 points)

Need Brazil LOSS and Serbia WIN to finish 2nd. Serbia MUST WIN, to finish above the Netherlands. Serbia NEEDS 2 SET WINS to finish above Turkey (better points ratio if tied on wins, points and sets ratio).

4th Place – Netherlands (11-3, 31 points)

Need Brazil LOSS IN <5 SETS AND Serbia LOSS IN <5 SETS AND Netherlands WIN IN <5 SETS to finish 2nd (Netherlands would have sets ratio tiebreaker over Brazil and wins 12-11 over Serbia). If Brazil and Serbia win 2 sets, Netherlands can finish 4th (Netherlands WIN OR Turkey LOSS) or 5th (Turkey WIN AND Netherlands LOSS).

5th Place – Turkey (10-4, 32 points)

Can finish third with WIN IN <5 SETS AND Serbia LOSS IN <5 SETS AND Netherlands LOSS. Can finish 4th with Netherlands LOSS and Turkey win, otherwise 5th.

6th Place – Italy (9-5, 27 points)

Cannot improve or worsen their position

7th Place – Poland (8-6, 22 points)

Can finish 7th with WIN over Dominican Republic. If they LOSE can finish anywhere from 8th to 10th. 2 SET WINS IN A LOSS will put them ahead of Japan if tied on wins. Poland has better set ratios than Russia if tied on wins and points.

8th Place – China (7-7, 22 points)

Can finish 7th win WIN AND Poland LOSS. If they LOSE can finish from 8th or 9th as China has better set ratios than either Russia or Japan if tied on wins and points. A Japan WIN AND a China LOSS puts them in 9th. And none of it matters, because they get the top seed in the Final 6 anyway.

9th Place – Russia (7-7, 21 points)

WIN against Japan and could finish 7th (Poland LOSS and China LOSS). If Russia LOSE to Japan, they are 10th.

10th Place – Japan (7-7, 19 points)

Can finish 7th with 3-0 WIN over Russia AND Poland 3-0 LOSS AND China LOSS. A WIN over Russia AND ONLY China LOSS, Japan finishes 8th. Otherwise 9th. LOSE to Russia and they are 10th.

11th Place – Germany (5-9, 14 points)

WIN against the Netherlands and finish 11th, LOSS AND South Korea WINS 2 SETS, finish 12th.

12th Place – South Korea (5-9, 14 points)

WIN 2 SETS versus Serbia and Germany LOSS, finish 11th. LOSS OR MATCH Germany results, finish 12th.

13th Place – Belgium (3-11, 9 points)

WIN against Thailand and finish 13th, LOSS with Dominican Republic WIN and finish 14th (LOSS IN 5 SETS) or 15th (LOSS IN <5 SETS)

14th Place – Dominican Republic (2-12, 9 points)

WIN against Poland AND Belgium LOSS to finish 13th. WIN with Belgium WIN to finish 14th. LOSE and Thailand WIN to finish 15th.

15th Place – Thailand (2-12, 7 points)

WIN against Belgium in <5 SETS AND Dominican Republic LOSS IN <5 SETS to finish 13th. WIN against Belgium AND Dominican Republic WIN to finish 14th. LOSE and finish 15th.

16th Place – Argentina (1-13, 3 points)

Cannot improve their position and will face the winner of the Challenger Cup to stay in the 2019 VNL.

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