Bulgarian Volleyball Federation Signs Massive Sponsorship Deal

  0 Liam Smith | February 13th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

The Bulgarian Volleyball Federation (BFV) has signed a sponsorship deal wth the Bulgarian National Lottery (BNL). Although details of the contract are kept secret, Sportal.bg reports that the financial aspects of it are supposed to be record breaking.

The Bulgarian National Lottery had already signed up as the main partner of the 2018 FIVB Men’s World Championship, to be held in Bulgaria in September. After a casual talk with Lubo Gane, BFV’s vice-president and Bulgarian volleyball legend, Milen Ganev, manager of BNL, decided to link the institution with the BFV as well:

“He told us he was our fan because we changed the lives of many people. But it immediately provoked us – do we want to get to go even higher? Do we want to support Bulgaria all the way? Let us unite for the world. We immediately reached the slogan “National Lottery, national team, national goal!” We want to dream big. Bulgaria will at last rejoice with a world title in collective sport for men. It never happened, but we will not give up. And what better opportunity than this year? Why, like soccer did in 1994, won’t volleyball delight all of Bulgaria?”

Gane also commented on the partnership:

“You have long known that the records are my weakness and I am now proving it again. The best get together with the best. Today we take a ticket from the National Lottery with the hope that all of Bulgaria will win in September! I believe that the Team of the people, our tall boys, will delight us with great success!”

Bulgaria’s men’s team is currently the 14th-ranked men’s national team in FIVB’s senior rankings. The team’s biggest accomplishments were a pair of silver medals won at the 1970 World Championships and 1980 Olympics.

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