Georgi Bratoev Ethers Ngapeth, Defends Stoytchev From Accusations

  0 Liam Smith | April 23rd, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, News, Pro Indoor


In a stunning turn of events, Modena recently decided to fire its superstar coach Radostin Stoytchev after a long-standing feud between the coach and his players. The team’s biggest star, the Frenchman Earvin Ngapetheven chose to leave the club for Russia’s Zenit Kazan due to the conflict. The last straw of the matter was when Modena‘s players went on live TV, after they were eliminated from A1 League’s semifinals by Civitanova, and stated that they would not remain on the team if Stoytchev continued as its coach.


Accusations against Stoytchev were many, but few of them caught the public’s eye as much as when Bruninho accused him of not releasing teammate  Alberto Mara to his grandfather’s funeral. To this, Georgi Bratoev came to the defense of his former coach on Diatec Trentino and the Bulgarian national team, even going so far as questioning Earvin Ngapeth‘s honesty, after the latter was involved in several legal cases (

“I watched the show live. I can not believe that Stoytchev wouldn’t release a player if his grandfather had died. I will give my personal example: when I played for him and my son had a fever, he released me to be with him. This could only be true if Stoytchev has changed altogether within a year. The whole team went was present on the interview, but only three of them spoke. When the interviewer talked to Tine Urnaut, he did not say anything bad about Stoytchev, and he knows him well because he is in his second season under him. Rado has principles, and he has achieved so many club-level successes as no one else in the Modena team has.

A person who hits a man with a car and then does not stop to see what has happened, may still be a great player, but let people decide whether he is worthy of accusing someone of inhuman behavior. As for Modena‘s elmination, Civitanova just has better players than Modena, so it’s normal for them to lose.”

It is hard accuse Bratoev of acting out of patriotic camaraderie for his fellow countryman Stoytchev, as he too has experienced the coach’s ire:

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