Inside The Numbers: A Look at the Men’s Volleyball Statistics Week 8

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A few things have remained certain throughout much of the men’s volleyball season, like UC San Diego’s Tanner Syftestad leading the nation in both kills and points per set.

Long Beach State has a six-week hold on the nation’s best team hitting percentage, checking it with a .419 effort on week 8, and also leads in team assists per set (12.76) for the fourth-straight week.

Cal State Northridge has held down the top spot in team aces per set for five straight weeks, averaging more than two per set, including 2.09 per set through week 8.

UCLA’s Daenan Gyimah is the nation’s most efficient hitter for the second straight week, boasting a .500 effort, while Penn State’s Jalen Penrose is the nation’s top server for the second straight week (0.714 per set). Sacred Heart’s Joshua Ayzenberg has pulled up more than three digs per set on the season, ranking first nationally for the third straight week. 

The rest of the nation’s statistical leaders have fluctuated.

On week 8, Hawaii grabbed the lead in kills per set (13.66) and Concordia-Irvine took over the top spot in blocks per set (2.87).

Individually, there are new national leaders in assists per set, blocks per set and a second leader in digs per set.

Below are the statistical leaders after the first five weeks of the 2018 season. Full statistical rankings can be found on the NCAA website.

  • Team Kills Per Set: Hawaii – 13.66
  • Individual Kills Per Set: Tanner Syftestad, UC San Diego (4.95)
  • Individual Points Per Set: Tanner Syftestad, UC San Diego (5.84)
  • Team Hitting Percentage: Long Beach State  – .419
  • Individual Hitting Percentage: Daenan Gyimah, UCLA (.500)
  • Team Assists Per Set: Long Beach State – 12.76
  • Individual Assists Per Set: Joe Worsley, Hawaii (10.97)
  • Team Blocks Per Set: Concordia-Irvine – 2.87
  • Individual Blocks Per Set: Pedro Carvalho, Lincoln Memorial (1.410)
  • Team Digs Per Set: Queens (NC) – 10.27
  • Individual Digs Per Set: Joshua Ayzenberg, Sacred Heart (3.00); Florian Ruhm, Limestone (3.00)
  • Team Aces Per Set: Cal State Northridge – 2.09
  • Individual Aces Per Set: Jalen Penrose, Penn State (0.714)
  • Opponent Hitting Percentage: King (TN) – .168


Major Category Top 5 Lists:


Kills Per Set
Player Per Set
1  Tanner Syftestad, UC San Diego (Big West) 4.95
2  Arvis Greene, Jr., CSUN (Big West) 4.66
3  Stijn van Tilburg, Hawaii (Big West) 4.52
4  Karl Apfelbach, UC Irvine (Big West) 4.11
5  Jake Hanes, Ohio St. (MIVA) 4.04


Hitting Percentage
Player Pct.
1  Daenan Gyimah, UCLA (MPSF) 0.500
2  Tyler Mitchem, Lewis (MIVA) 0.471
3  Jeff Jendryk, Loyola Chicago (MIVA) 0.455
4  Riley Moore, Harvard (EIVA) 0.447
5  Kevin Gear, Penn St. (EIVA) 0.445


Points Per Set
Player Per Set
1  Tanner Syftestad, UC San Diego (Big West) 5.84
2  Arvis Greene, Jr., CSUN (Big West) 5.47
3  David Wieczorek, Pepperdine (MPSF) 4.89
4  Stijn van Tilburg, Hawaii (Big West) 4.87
5  Karl Apfelbach, UC Irvine (Big West) 4.82


Assists Per Set
Player Per Set
1  Joe Worsley, Hawaii (Big West) 10.97
2  Micah Ma’a, UCLA (MPSF) 10.92
3  Sanil Thomas, Ohio St. (MIVA) 10.80
4  Dante Chakravorti, UC Irvine (Big West) 10.61
5  Josh Tuaniga, Long Beach St. (Big West) 10.59


Aces Per Set
Player Per Set
1  Jalen Penrose, Penn St. (EIVA) 0.714
2  Robert Poole, Mount Olive (Conference Carolinas) 0.674
3  Manuel Melenciano, Emmanuel (GA) (Conference Carolinas) 0.587
4  Daniel Hermida, Erskine (Conference Carolinas) 0.564
5  Arvis Greene, Jr., CSUN (Big West) 0.543


Digs Per Set
Player Per Set
1  Joshua Ayzenberg, Sacred Heart (EIVA) 3.00
–  Florian Ruhm, Limestone (Conference Carolinas) 3.00
3  Robert Valentine, Belmont Abbey (Conference Carolinas) 2.94
4  Ryan Vorderer, Lindenwood (MO) (MIVA) 2.89
5  Jacob Weiser, Concordia (CA) (MPSF) 2.86


Blocks Per Set
Player Per Set
1  Pedro Carvalho, Lincoln Memorial (DI Independent) 1.410
2  Scott Stadick, UC Irvine (Big West) 1.305
3  Price Jarman, BYU (MPSF) 1.274
4  Taylor Falduti, Concordia (CA) (MPSF) 1.261
–  Aleksandar Perisic, Queens (NC) (DI Independent) 1.261



Kills Per Set
Team Per Set
1  Hawaii (Big West) 13.66
2  Long Beach St. (Big West) 13.38
3  UCLA (MPSF) 13.34
4  Ohio St. (MIVA) 12.78
5  CSUN (Big West) 12.70


Hitting Percentage
Team Pct.
1  Long Beach St. (Big West) 0.419
2  Hawaii (Big West) 0.363
3  UC Irvine (Big West) 0.346
4  UCLA (MPSF) 0.343
5  Ohio St. (MIVA) 0.332


Assists Per Set
Team Per Set
1  Long Beach St. (Big West) 12.78
2  Hawaii (Big West) 12.71
3  UCLA (MPSF) 12.57
4  UC San Diego (Big West) 12.03
5  UC Irvine (Big West) 11.97


Aces Per Set
Team Per Set
1  CSUN (Big West) 2.09
2  Coker (DI Independent) 1.98
3  Pepperdine (MPSF) 1.96
4  UCLA (MPSF) 1.85
5  Penn St. (EIVA) 1.82


Digs Per Set
Team Per Set
1  Queens (NC) (DI Independent) 10.27
2  Erskine (Conference Carolinas) 10.26
3  Ball St. (MIVA) 10.23
4  UC San Diego (Big West) 10.22
5  Charleston (WV) (EIVA) 10.14


Blocks Per Set
Team Per Set
1  Concordia (CA) (MPSF) 2.87
2  BYU (MPSF) 2.86
3  Lewis (MIVA) 2.63
4  CSUN (Big West) 2.55
5  UC San Diego (Big West) 2.53


Opponent Hitting Percentage
Team Opp Pct
1  King (TN) (Conference Carolinas) 0.168
2  Long Beach St. (Big West) 0.170
3  Mount Olive (Conference Carolinas) 0.197
4  Lincoln Memorial (DI Independent) 0.198
5  Lindenwood (MO) (MIVA) 0.199




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