Michal Kubiak Complains Of Hotel Food, Possible Food Poisoning

  0 Steven Myers | September 20th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

Polish team captain Michal Kubiak is not happy at the 2018 FVB World Championships and that has nothing to do with volleyball, it’s all about food.

“Our hotel has five stars, but I do not know why,” Kubiak told sport.pl in a video interview. “I travel a lot and often go to five-star hotels. They are much better than this, certainly when it comes to food. Maybe the first or second day was not a problem, but after 10 days of eating the same and it’s probably fried constantly on the same fat, I have enough.”

Poland played in Pool D in Varna, Bulgaria, which is the country’s 3rd-largest city.

After complaining about the food, a reporter asked Kubiak if he was hungry. With a grin he jokingly responded, “Fortunately I have bars from Anna Lewandowski.” Lewandowski is the wife of Polish football (soccer) player Robert Lewandowski.

Not only is Kubiak unhappy with what he’s being served, but during most of the first phase of the tournament he showed symptoms of food poisoning. Kubiak claims he’s not the only one who had symptoms, “we also got people from our training staff. But they have not had to play.”

This isn’t the first time that Kubiak has made it into headlines at these World Championships. In a match against Bulgaria, Kubiak and two other teammates were involved in slight tension between players on the opposing team when one of them flipped Kubiak and his teammates the middle finger.

At that point, according to sport.pl Kubiak said, “I stopped discussing with him, because I saw that it does not work on them.”

Kubiak also recently made headlines after he and teammate Mateusz Bieniek did not cross the mixed zone after their match with Iran. Crossing the mixed zone is a requirement for every player at FIVB events. They’re required to meet with journalists from around the world in that area. The Polish Volleyball Federation was a fined a total of 1,400 euros as a result.

Despite the food and media attention, Kubiak has led his team undefeated to the second round of the tournament. They’re currently in a pool with Serbia, France, and Argentina with hopes of advancing to the third round.

Poland‘s next match will be against Argentina on September 21st.



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