VNL Community Celebrates Prize Money Parity Between Genders

  0 Liam Smith | June 27th, 2018 | FIVB Nations League - Men, FIVB Nations League - Women, International Volleyball, News

At the 2016 FIVB Grand Prix, Brazil’s Women’s National team got a 200k USD check for winning the competition, only one-fifth of the value of the men’s prize. At the 2017 edition of the competition, things improved a bit, with Brazil, again the winner, taking home a check for 600k USD, three-fifths that of the men’s prize. The girls decided that they had had it with the disparity, and pressured FIVB’s president Ary Graça for a change. He promised changes. This year, with the creation of the VNL, the institution delivered, as both men’s and women’s champions will take home a 1 Million USD check each.

Here is how the volleyball community reacted (

“From the moment we knew that the prizes would be the same, we felt like it was a win. The men always received more. It wasn’t a little more, it was much, much more. We have the same conditions during the tournament, same schedule, same trips, stress, training, but made way less money. I am happy now, we deserved this. We fought for it, strove for it.” – Brazil’s Jaqueline Endres

“We are not thinking about the prize as of now, because we are focused on our games. But we are very happy, it was something we deserved, with all the trips and things like that. It will be good for us.” – Team USA’s Jordan Larson

“Women have the same right as men. This change is very positive. It was an important step to take, may it continue forever.” – Brazil’s coach José Roberto Guimarães

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