USA Major League Soccer Player Is A Key Witness In Chocano’s Case

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Alexandra Chocano, better known as Luz Chocano in her home country of Peru, was a 16 year old volleyball player member of Peru’s youth national team and one of the country’s most promising young stars. She died under unclear circumstances after attending a party with friends in the city of Miraflores. According to the police, Chocano spent the night in her boyfriend’s room after the friendly reunion. In the early morning, the boy asked for help from friends claiming that Chocano had fainted. She arrived dead at the hospital. Early autopsy findings show that she died from cerebral and pulmonary edemas.

Yordy Reyna Involvement

24-year-old Yordy Reyna is a Peruvian footballer who plays as a striker for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of USA’s Major League Soccer, as well as the Peruvian national soccer team. According to El Comercio, a Peruvian newspaper, previous testimony had already alluded to Reyna’s presence in the apartment where Chocano died. Although he was not initially called upon by authorities to be questioned, he voluntarily went to the police to have his testimony taken. Here is what his lawyer had to say about his client:

He has never shied away. What happenned is that he was waiting for authorities to officially summon him, but since tendentious versions to the case, which looked to damage his image, began making the media rounds, he requested to give his statements today

The Peruvian forward confirmed that he was present in the apartment where Chocano was found unconscioius. He stated that as soon as he found her, he went to ask for help.

Reyna’s lawyer vehemently stated that there was no “friendship bond” between his client and Chocano, even though witnesses indicate otherwise. He also denied that Chocano rode on his car from the club to the apartment.

Reyna was also one of the people behind the apartment rental. His lawyer confirmed his involvement on negotiating for the rental, although he e remarked that a friend was the one who paid for the rent. He refused to give said friend’s name.

Alcohol + Medicine Hypothesis

Images taken by the National Police of Peru of the apartment where Chocano was found unconscious reveal several bottles of liquor, energy drinks, and empty glasses scattered through its rooms. Chocano’s parents reject this hypothesis, as witnesses claimed that the minor presented vaginal bleeding upon being taken to the hospital.

Peruvian Volleyball Federation Statement

The FPV clarified that Chocano was no long under its tutelage, having not participated in the Peruvian youth national team’s last competitions. It stated that Chocano arrived in Lima in 2013 from her hometown of Tingo María, under the expressed authorization of her parents. The federation also stated it has a written document stating that Chocano’s parents were informed that they should resume Chocano’s tutelage in view that she was no longer under its responsibility. The federation stated that being faced with not being called upon by the youth national team for its recent competitions, Chocano decided to stay in Lima to keep trying to return to the team, and for that reason, started living first with an aunt, and then with another relative.

Punishment for the Nightclub

The nightclub was closed by official authorities for having allowed entrance to minors, as Chocano was 16 years old.

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This guy Yordy Reyna was the renter of the unit where the underage girl collapsed. He also knew that she was underage. What was he doing hanging out with under age girls? Why did he not use his vehicle to transport the girl to the Hospital without wasting so much time trying to find a cab? This fella did not do the right thing in the interest of saving the girls life. I don’t think the Whitecaps or MLS be vinculanted with an individual whose judgement is suspect. This guy clearly wanted to distance himself from the situation rather than saving this girls life. MLS needs to do the research on this case carefully.

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