Watch Italy’s Ivan Zaytsev Break World Service Speed Record

  0 Liam Smith | May 29th, 2018 | FIVB Nations League - Men, International Volleyball, News

Italy’s Ivan Zaytsev is certainly one of the world’s best servers. He currently holds the Olympic serving speed record, alongside Christian Savani and Gyorgy Grozer, at 78.9 mph (127 kmh). Now, he can add the overall world record to his list of accolades as well, as he has just delivered a 83.3 mph  (134 kmh) missile in Italy’s 3-0 win against Serbia (video below). That is 1.2 mph faster than the previous record, set over 7 years ago by Bulgarian national Matey Kaziyski during the 2010 Italian Cup, when he played for Trentino, in a match against Bre Banca Cuneo.

Ivan Zaytsev is delivering a superb comeback to Italian fans as he makes his return to the national team. He currently leads the VNL in scoring after 3 games (69 points), and is also the competition’s 6th most efficient hitter (55.45%), and second best server at 0.57 aces per set, all the while helping Italy to a 3-0 record in the competition, which included a phenomenal 3-2 win against rivals Brazil in which he delivered 32 points.

Here is his reaction after the win against Serbia:

“We played very well. We are happy with three victories. Maybe the best thing is that we maintained the same rhythm in all matches. In other words, we were not affected by the very tight schedule of the competition.”

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Australian’s head coach Mark Lebedew reached out  to us on twitter to remind fans that Zaytsev’s feat wasn’t the only impressive show of speed in this year’s VNL. According to the coach, Australia’s Lincoln Williams had a service recorded at 78.9 mph (127 kmh) on Saturday against Iran, but that FIVB didn’t report it “or anything else the Australian team did.”

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