Who are the Betting Favorites to Win Women’s Volleyball World Champs?

  0 Jeremy Brahm | September 25th, 2018 | News

With the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship starting tomorrow in Japan, lets take a look at who a European online betting company thinks will win the tournament and also the pools.

First we will look at the odds for winning the tournament. As always, these odds are for entertainment purposes only, and every individual is responsible for adhering to their local laws.

Explanation of odds: 3.80 to 1 means that a bet of $1 will earn the bettor their original dollar back, plus an additional $3.80. Odds of $0.25 to 1 means that a bet of $1 will earn the bettor their original dollar back, plus 25 cents of ‘profit.’

Data courtesy of Bwin.com

According to Bwin.com, they feel that the Serbian and American women have the best chances of winning the tournament with 3.00 to 1 odds. I am guessing that Bwin.com feels that the American’s win in the Volleyball Nations League gives them an advantage over the competition. The Serbian women by finishing the preliminary round of the Volleyball Nations Leagues in second place is probably the reasoning for them being tied with the USA. In third place are China at 3.50 to 1. This is mainly due to China’s performance at the Olympics and the great Zhu Ting. Brazil in fourth rounds out the teams with odds in single digits at 4.50 to 1. The hosts Japan are given long odds of winning the tournament at 40:1. Bwin.com is thinking that even having the home crowd behind them in all of their matches will help the Japanese to some degree, but there may be too many strong teams that they will have to face just to even make the third round.

The Netherlands have the best chance of winning the tournament out of Pool A at 16.00 to 1. Those are very high odds and may be attractive to some bettors. The Netherlands are missing Robin de Kruijf in the middle and that may be enough to keep the Oranje from winning.

Do not forget that in the second round, the top 3 teams advance to the third round. So if Japan lose once in the first round, it may be too much for them to make up in the second round.

For those people who are interested in really long shots look at Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago are all at 2,000 to 1 to win the tournament.

Now moving on to the odds for winning each pool.

Data courtesy of Bwin.com

Netherlands is a prohibitive favorite to win Pool A, where you would only win 25 cents on a $1 bet. Japan is a second at 3.80 to 1. Germany is third at 11.00 before a significant drop to Argentina, Mexico and Cameroon.

In Pool B, China are the heavy favorites at 0.45 to 1. Italy and Turkey at 3.75 and 4.75 to 1 respectively could provide a lucrative upset if they can beat China to win the pool. Bulgaria is expected to be fourth in the pool with 40.00 to 1 odds.

For Pool C, USA is the favorite at 0.28 to 1. Russia is second at 3.20 to 1. These two teams are very far ahead of their opponents. If South Korea with Kim Yeon-Koung or Azerbaijan with Polina Rahimova get on a strong run, you could receive a 20.00 (South Korea) or 25.00 (Azerbaijan) to 1 return on your investment.

As for Pool D, Serbia and Brazil at 0.60 to 1 and 1.20 to 1 respectively are the prohibitive favorites to win the pool.

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