FIVB Women’s U23 World Championships 20 Funniest Pictures

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FIVB’s President Ary Graça has made it clear that the future of volleyball is digital and to be watched in the internet. Some chances that the federation has implemented is that now every tournament has very organized websites, full of contents. One of the best things about is that FIVB’s media department publishes a lot of high quality pictures from every matc. Today, we pick the funniest from this tournament that we are all going to miss so much.

Bulgaria’s coach Antonina Zetova is just so photogenic! Is that why she gets along so well with her youngsters? (Courtesy: FIVB)

(Courtesy: FIVB)

Turkey’s “Human Centipede” title celebration just brings back too many horrible horror movies memories. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Wagner Pacheco plays with Jineiry Martinez‘s hair. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Somebody tell Çagla Akin that that is not how you block. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Sasa Planinsec experimenting with volleyball fashion. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Slovenia’s President, Borut Pohar, was in the stands waving his country’s flag in sunday’s final. How cool is that? He looks like he is having lots of fun. Do you think the youngsters felt a little pressured? (Courtesy: FIVB)

Turkey’s Ebrar Karakurt‘s just turned her celebration up to 11. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Her teammate Tugba Senoglu doesn’t seem to be as energetic. (Courtesy: FIVB)

This fan has the best Japanese flag ever. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Dominican Republic’s Maria Fernandez shows off her soccer (or perhaps show seal?) skills. (Courtesy: FIVB)

And so does her coach Wagner Pacheco. (Courtesy: FIVB)

That dreadead moment… (Courtesy: FIVB)

Bulgaria’s fans stole the show in the stands. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Reminds me of when my brother used to spike the ball over the gate and I had to go running in the street to get it… (Courtesy: FIVB)

Egypt’s Doaa Abdelghany shows a mixture of concentration and fear in her blocking. (Courtesy: FIVB)

“Soon…..” (Courtesy: FIVB)

Bulgaria’s Monika Krasteva shows off some innovative stretching. (Courtesy: FIVB)

Somebody please tell Mirela Shahpazova to get off that Mikasa, it is very expensive. (Courtesy: FIVB)

While you’re at it, please tell Saliha Sanin to get off the net, which is also very expensive and hard to set up. (Courtesy: FIVB)

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