Modena’s VP Resigns, Rips Teams’ Players And Staff

  0 Liam Smith | May 23rd, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, News, Pro Indoor

Things are still very much heated in Modena. The Radostin Stoytchev x Earvin Ngapeth feud has made yet another victim. This time, team vice president Giulia Gabana handed in her resignation letter, while along the way heavily criticizing the players’ movement that took down the Bulgarian coach. According to the executive, under no circumstance should the team have accepted the players going into a TV show and using coarse language to ask for their coach’s head on a platter. She even went so far as refusing to call the players professionals, and suggested that the correct course of action would have been to fire anyone associated with the event. Here are the best tidbits from her official statement (as a point of interest to Team USA fans, remember that Max Holt was one of the players leading the charge against coach Stoytchev):

“I think I must express my disatisfaction with the circumstances that preceded and immediately followed the choices made by Catia Pedrini. Respect for people and work can never be absent. What happened that Tuesday evening in a television show is a shameful thing, clown-like. Not so much because a team united and in unison asked the head of the coach, we have seen many of these things in volleyball, but for the media pillory, which I had never seen the likes of before, which created a truly disturbing and destabilizing precedent in the whole volleyball world. The team which I was part of and in which I had committed myself economically and in other ways, should have immediately disassociated from the initiative and then, with a cold mind and with those directly involved, made the choices that it considered appropriate. The tones, the words often far from the truth that were used, were to be condemned. These guys, difficult for me today to call them professionals, after deliberately and in a very debatable manner created a massive damage to their team, could’ve and should’ve handled this affair within the team with the possibility of obtaining the same result without exceeding the limits of respect and civility.

I also want to underline how I, despite being a vice president, was kept in the dark about everything, having learned from the internet of the coach’s exoneration. The ways in which the decisions taken were immediately implemented were even more cynical than what happened the day before. Being kept in the dark about everything after sharing for a whole season every single event, episode, and moment and the absence of any contact with me by the team, are a clear signal for me regarding my stay in Modena Volleyball. All the considerations above, the different points of view, tolerances for me no longer sustainable, and the excessive concessions in favor of people who lay down the law by exceeding all limits allowed, are the basis of my abandonment.” – (via

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