Tandara Talks About Her Weight Issues And WCH Motivations

  0 Liam Smith | September 28th, 2018 | International Volleyball, News

One of Brazil’s biggest weapons and hopes for this WCH, opposite hitter Tandara Caixeita knows how much a gold medal would mean for the Brazilian squad, the only title missing from its prestigious trophy case. To help her team, she will use any means to motivate herself, but none more than her cut prior to the 2016 Olympic Games, played at home, as she was still struggling to get into her best shape after giving birth to her first daughter. She spoke to Globo.com about her expectations for the competition:

“When I say I want it to be “MY” WCH, it’s precisely because of that. I am coming from a very good 2017 season with the team. In 2018, I won an individual award in the League of Nations, as the best opposite. I’ve been looking for this since 2016, when I was cut from the national team and I could not play the Rio Olympics. I’ve been looking for that, excellence. In 2016, I was very sad to not to be part of the team, it was an Olympic Games in our country. I gave birth to Maria Clara in 2015, I had less time to get ready, but it does not justify missing out on it. I really think that at that moment, I wasn’t ready, and so I did not go. I did not like going through and would not like to go through that again. I think that’s why I showed growth, maturity. The cut in 2016 was instrumental for that, for my personal and professional growth.

It’s a title that everyone wants. All the other teams are very keen on it and we can not detract from their work. But I think this group has worked hard, 7 days a week, without much slack, very, very tiring. But that’s part of it. It is the consequence of our work, to give up everything to be far away, staying away from my family, my daughter, it has to be worth it. And I believe a lot in this group.”

Tandara also spoke to reporters about her weight and physical issues:

“I do not weigh myself. I am heavy, but I have a lot of muscle mass. The scale, for me, is not the best parameter. The sum of skin folds is what I go by. The folds, diminishing, is what matters. My weight will always be 94kg, 95kg, 96kg at the most. In the League of Nations, I was 98kg. I did not weigh myself and I do not want to weigh myself so I do not have a worrying head. But my feeling, for sure, is that I’m feeling better, faster, finer, and fitter.”

Able to play both wings position with confidence, Tandara will be a sure thing at the opposite spot for Brazil, just as she was in the NVL. That is a good thing, as Brazil will need every drop of effort from its offensive ace. The team will debut in the competition on September 29 against Puerto Rico. It will then go on to play against  Dominican Republic, Serbia, Kenya and Kazakhstan.

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