Brazil Defeats France 3-2 After Two And A Half Hours Of Play – Pool B

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France and Brazil had a gem of a game today in Bulgaria which saw French coach Laurent Tillie give a master class on how to turn things around when down 2-0. The French coach, facing defeat, sacked starters Stephen Boyer, Kevin Tillie, and team captain Benjamin Toniutti in favor of  Thibault Rossard, Antoine Brizard, and Jean Patry, as the team turned things around and were points away from taking home the win. In games like this, it’s safe to say that there were no losing teams, as Brazil injury-riddled roster overachieved with a win against a superior opponent, and the French team showed grit and maturity to almost overcome almost impossible odds, something it will most surely carry into its remaining games. Here is the day’s recap:

#1 Brazil Defeated #9 France 3-2 (25-20, 25-20, 20-25, 23-25, 15-12)

  • Brazil moves to 2-0 while France moves to 1-1
  • Attendance: 4900
  • P2 Stats-Sheet 

Brazil and France played an instant classic in Bulgaria today, which lasted 5 sets and 2 and a half hours, with Brazil coming out on top at the end. Wallace Souza led all scorers with 20 points, while Lipe chipped in 15. Earvin Ngapeth had 22 points in the losing effort, while Stephan Boyer, who had 11 points in the first set yesterday against China, had 11 points total today. While France had 10 aces to Brazil’s 4, Brazil’s performance at the defensive end made all the difference, as the team blocked 18 shots to France’s 9. Next up for Brazil is The Netherlands while France will try to bounce back against Egypt.

#6 Canada Defeated #13 Egypt 3-0 (27-25, 30-28, 25-19)

  • Canada moves to 2-0 while Egypt moves to 0-2
  • Attendance: 500
  • P2 Stats-Sheet

The 3-0 score in Canada x Egypt match-up did not do the African team any justice, as the the Egyptian really gave the Canadians a run for their money in the game’s first two sets, which really could’ve gone either way. At the end of the day, it all came down to experience, as Canada was able to grit its way through to a much easier and game ending third set win. Nicholas Hoag led the way with 24 points on 21/34 (62%) hitting, while John Perrin chipped in 18 points. Ahmed Shafik had 17 points in the losing effort.

Here are the post game reactions:

Canada’s coach Stephane Antiga: “It was a difficult game, but I am happy that we had a clear win. Egypt played really well in this game. Yesterday we saw their good techniques in attack and in service when they played against Brazil. We had good side-outs, but it was not enough to get a big lead. The good thing is that we managed to stay focused and dominate in the decisive moments, especially in the second part, when it was really difficult for us. We scored a second victory at this world championship and that is the most important thing.”

Canada’s Nicholas Hoag: “It felt like a really long game today. The Egyptian team played really well. They received well and it was hard. We know we had to keep serving and defending well during the whole match. It was really hard but we managed to win 3-0 and it is great, because at this tournament, if you want to progress to the next round, every set is important.”

Egypt’s coach Mohamed Moselhy Ibrahim: “I think we played much better than yesterday, especially in the first two sets. We had our chances but maybe the problem was the poor effectiveness of our counter-attack. On the other hand, Canada showed a great tactical serve, which gave them the opportunity to score some easy points. Tomorrow we will face one of the favorites at this tournament, so it will be a difficult match for sure.”

Egypt’s Hossam Abdalla: “Obviously, we played better than yesterday. The game was equal in the first two sets. We played point by point against such a strong team like Canada, but in the end we should not have made that many mistakes. We had some unforced errors, we did not have much luck and lost. Now we have to start to think and focus on our next match against France tomorrow. They are a strong team and we will try to do our best.“

Pool B Standings

Matches Pts Sets Points
Rank Team W L W L Ratio W L Ratio
1  Canada 2 0 6 6 0 MAX 157 128 1.227
2  Brazil 2 0 5 6 2 3.000 184 161 1.143
3  France 1 1 4 5 3 1.667 177 167 1.060
4  China 0 1 0 0 3 0.000 58 75 0.773
5  Netherlands 0 1 0 0 3 0.000 56 75 0.747
6  Egypt 0 2 0 0 6 0.000 131 157 0.834

Results and Schedule

Date Time   Score   Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Report
12 Sep 14:00 France  3–0  China 25–20 25–21 25–17 75–58 P2 Report
12 Sep 17:00 Netherlands  0–3  Canada 15–25 23–25 18–25 56–75 P2 Report
12 Sep 20:30 Brazil  3–0  Egypt 25–17 25–22 25–20 75–59 P2 Report
13 Sep 17:00 Egypt  0–3  Canada 25–27 28–30 19–25 72–82 P2 Report
13 Sep 20:30 Brazil  3–2  France 25–20 25–20 21–25 23–25 15–12 109–102 P2 Report
14 Sep 17:00 China   Netherlands 0–0
14 Sep 20:30 France   Egypt 0–0
15 Sep 17:00 Canada   China 0–0
15 Sep 20:30 Netherlands   Brazil 0–0
16 Sep 17:00 China   Egypt 0–0
16 Sep 20:30 Netherlands   France 0–0
17 Sep 17:00 Egypt   Netherlands 0–0
17 Sep 20:30 Brazil   Canada 0–0
18 Sep 17:00 China   Brazil 0–0
18 Sep 20:30 Canada   France 0–0

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