Osmany Juantorena Wins Record 4th MVP At Club World Championships

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Osmany Juantorena just added another MVP award to his already historic trophy case:


To put things into perspective, Juantorena’s 4th FIVB Club MVP award is mind-boggling because no one else has won it more than once. To be able to say that he won it being on the final’s losing team is even more impressive. Nobody can deny, though, that his tournament was special.

Even more special was the way his fellow Cuban nationals dominated the tournament. After all, Cubans were chosen to make up 4/7 of the FIVB Club WCH’s Dream team, an amazing feat. This is the stuff that really makes us wonder what would happen if these guys were ever together in their primes to play for the Cuban national team.

Below, you’ll find who made the tournament’s Dream Team along with their achievements in the competition:

MVP: Osmany Juantorena (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

Courtesy of FIVB

  • 2nd highest scorer
  • 3rd most efficient spiker
  • 2nd best receiver
  • 5th best server

Always classy, here is what Juantorena had to say about winning the award:

“I’m really happy with the MVP award, but honestly I would have preferred to be the winner tonight.”

Opposite: Tsvetan Sokolov (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

Courtesy of FIVB

  • Highest scorer
  • 6th most efficient spiker
  • 2nd best blocker
  • 4th best server

Outside hitters: Wilfredo Leon (Zenit Kazan) and Yoandy Leal (Sada/Cruzeiro)

Courtesy of FIVB


  • 3rd best scorer
  • 2nd most efficient spiker
  • 3rd best blocker
  • 4th best receiver

Here is what Leon had to say about not winning the MVP award:

“I never play to be the MVP, so I want to congratulate Osmany Juantorena. I’m always playing for the team, like all of my teammates. I played for the gold medal and I did my job.”


  • 4th best scorer
  • 5th most efficient spiker
  • 5th best blocker
  • 6th best server
  • 5th best digger

Middle Blockers: Robertlandy Simon (Sada/Cruzeiro) and Alexey Samoylenko (Zenit Kazan)

Courtesy of FIVB


  • 7th best scorer
  • 8th best blocker
  • 3rd best server


  • Best blocker

Setter: Alexander Butko (Zenit Kazan)

Courtesy of FIVB

  • Best server

Libero: Jenia Grebennikov (Cucine Lube Civitanova)

Courtesy of FIVB

  • 2nd best digger

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