Poland’s NT Celebrates Leon’s 25th Birthday

  0 Liam Smith | August 06th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

Polish fans are living in somewhat of an angst. Imagine having to go through this year`s World Championship knowing that if not for a couple of months, you`d have the world`s best player, Wilfredo Leon at your disposal on your roster. Now imagine what coach Vital Heynen and Leon’s future teammates must be feeling like as well, specially since he is currently training with the team that is getting ready to contend at the WCH in just a few weeks.

The feeling of anxiety must be made even more intense due to the fact that Leon is a captivating figure. Although still very young, he is mature beyond his age, polite, soft-spoken, humble, and already almost fluent in Polish (as well as Spanish, English, Italian, and Russian). Here is how his teammates and coach reacted to having him on the practice squad:

“First of all, I found out that he is a normal, cool person. He is not high in the clouds, his feet are well set on the ground. He has developed a nice friendship with us, he speaks better and better in Polish as each day goes by. He is a professional. Next year he will join us and I hope that together with Wilfredo we will be achieving Poland’s highest goals.”Aleksandar Sliwka

“He is a great guest.  It is obvious that everyone benefited from his say with us. Wilfredo is an example of a player who, although quite good, still works every day to be a lot better. He is a wise and modest guy.”Vital Heynen

The teams’ friendship bond with Leon must be getting stronger by the day. So much, that they threw him a party, as the Cuban recently celebrated his 25th birthday. Needless to say, Leon is enjoying his time with the team:

“I got a T-shirt and shoes. There were also health wishes, and that’s the most important thing in life and sport. It was something amazing for me. I am very happy that I could stay here for a few days. I think that the team is also happy. he atmosphere is great, I immediately felt part of this team. I was here a few days, but it immediately caught my eye that the Polish team is in unity, all of them work concentrated. I also noticed that the captain of the team – Michał Kubiak, is holding everything together with his leadership.  I wanted to show that I am here like any other player, not like a star.”

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I had a pleasure to be a part of the volleyball National Team of Poland during the first days of preparations to World Championship 2018🏐🇵🇱 I felt great training and getting to know all the guys👍🏾 Big thanks for inviting me to Zakopane @polskasiatkowka_official and @heynenvital 🙏🏾 See you next year, I hope! And good luck to the National Team in WCH 2018🤞🏾✊🏾

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