2017 World League Math: Who Goes to the Group 2 Finals?

  0 Jeremy Brahm | June 17th, 2017 | FIVB World League, International Volleyball


With the early Saturday matches in China having been played, and with Slovenia’s win over Finland, the number of spots remaining for the Group 2 Finals in down to two.

Here are the possibilities for the teams in Group 2.

Slovenia currently at 7-1 with 21 points (Qualified)

By beating Finland this morning, they have guaranteed themselves a spot in the finals. Slovenia will be the number 1 seed by winning 2 sets against Portugal on Sunday. Slovenia would reach 22 points and the Netherlands can only reach 21, when tied on wins.

Netherlands currently at 5-2 with 15 points

Netherlands have matches remaining with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A win on Saturday over Slovakia leaves the Czech Republic as the only team that could pass them. A loss on Saturday means they are tied on wins with Japan, Slovakia and possibly the Czech Republic if they win on Saturday.

Japan currently at 5-3 with 15 points

Japan has China on Sunday. If Japan win, they will be at 6 wins and a minimum of 17 points. All but in at this point. A loss will eliminate them, unless it is 5 sets. Japan would get to 16 points and already being on 5 wins. China at this point would be at 15 points if it went 5 sets and would lose the match points tiebreaker to Japan 16-15. If the Netherlands win today over Slovakia, Japan would need 2 set wins over Slovakia to pass them in points. If the Czech Republic win on Saturday as well, the Netherlands must beat the Czech Republic on Sunday to give Japan a chance.

Australia at 5-3 with 13 points in as Finals hosts (Qualified)

China currently at 4-4 with 13 points

China must win on Sunday in 3 or 4 sets. Any other result and they are out. Plus, they will need a loss from Slovakia and Czech Republic. It will then go to set ratio.

Czech Republic at 4-3 with 12 points

Czech Republic must win both matches. It will get them to 6 wins. If China defeats Japan, China and Japan only get to 5 wins. If Netherlands beats Slovakia today, Slovakia also can only reach 5 wins, so they will have qualified.

Slovakia currently at 4-3 with 12 points

Must beat Netherlands today to stay alive. If they do, they will be tied on wins with Netherlands, Japan, Australia and possibly Czech Republic. If Czech Republic win out, Slovakia need China to defeat Japan on Sunday and Slovakia must win on Sunday too.

Turkey, South Korea, Finland, Portugal and Egypt have been eliminated.

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