Brazil Calls Preliminary Women’s WCH Roster – Thaisa And Dani Are Back

  0 Liam Smith | July 23rd, 2018 | Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, South American Volleyball

It’s safe to say things haven’t gone so well for the Brazilian female squad in 2018 so far. The team ended up out of the podium in both the inaugural edition of the VNL and the Pan Am cup. Needless to say, fans are getting feisty about the team’s underwhelming performance. However, Brazil’s NT will now have the change to turn things around in a major way, as it gets ready to contend for the World Championship, the only title it misses in its very successful history as a team. To start things off, coach José Roberto Guimarães called up his first list for the tournament. The changes from the VNL roster are the absences of Mara Leão, Macris Carneiro, Monique Pavão, and Jaqueline Endres, the latter who retired from the national team.

  • Setters: Dani Lins, Roberta Ratzke
    Dani Lins is back to the A team after pregnancy. She is an experienced Olympic gold medalist and has the experience young Roberta lacks when the going gets tough. Even if she doesn’t start, in case she struggles to get back to her perfet playing shape in time, she’ll be a much needed locker room presence for the team.
  • Middles: Adenizia Silva, Carol Silva, Beatriz Silva, Thaisa Daher
    Thaisa’s story is much like that of Dani Lins. The two-times Olympic gold medalist is coming back a horrendous injury and is yet to get in her better shape. If all goes well, she should be a starter at the WCH, which is good news for Brazil, as its four middle blockers are defensive aces, but only Thaisa presentes a world-level offensive game.
  • Outside Hitters: Gabriela Guimarães, Natália Zilio, Amanda Francisco, Drussyla Costa, Rosamaria Montibeller, Fernanda Tomé
    Natália and Gabriela are world-level talent, but they need to be at their best health-wise for Brazil to do well at the tournament. Both players have struggled mightily with injuries this year. Anyone other than these two, and Brazil is in very deep trouble.
  • Opposites: Tandara Caixeta
    An Olympic gold medalist, Tandara doesn’t need any introductions. She is playing the best volleyball of her life. She’ll need help though.
  • Liberos: Suelen Pinto, Gabriela Guimarães
    Suelen has a broken hand, which she is still recovering from. Gabriela has only turned into a libero this year. This looks ugly.

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