Tatiana Kosheleva Will Miss The 2018 World Championship

  0 Liam Smith | August 15th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

Russian news outlet Tass.com has confirmed that Tatyana Kosheleva will not participate in the upcoming FIVB World Championship. The 29-year-old outside hitter, one of the best in the world at her position, tore her ACL in mid-March, forcing her to miss the end of the Turkish regular season. Although at first she was expected to recover in time for the WCH, the player and her doctos have decided to take a more conservative approach to her recovery:

“Everything is fine, the recovery is going according to plan, it’s been four months already. I started working with the ball in my native Tula team, it’s a very comfortable situation. I exercise physically every day, I feel good, but I can not accelerate the knee’s healing process, it takes time. I am close to 100%, I started jumping, running, moving, even falling, but all at a gradual pace. But I still cannot play at a competitive level.

We talked with Vadim Pankov and said I was not ready. Naturally, I would really like to help the Russian team, but at the moment it’s simply impossible,  I’m rooting for the girls, for the team, I wish them great success and I believe that our hopes and plans will be embodied in the World Championship medal.”

Kosheleva, who has recently signed with Brazilian side Sesc, was a World Champion in 2010. With her absence, the Russian squad, who is used on relying on Kosheleva for most of its offensive power, is virtually eliminated from podium contention at next month’s WCH.

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