WATCH LIVE: King of the Court Huntington Beach Semifinals at Noon ET

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King of the Court – Huntington Beach

  • Huntington Beach Pier; Huntington Beach, California
  • Sept. 22-23, 2018
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Sunday’s semifinals field is set for the King of the Court Huntington Beach with 10 teams per gender remaining.

Both fields are an international who’s who list:  featuring teams from six countries on the men’s side, while the women represent five countries.

Utrecht winners Pablo Herrera/Adrian Gavira from Spain are still among the field as are Waikiki winners Taylor Crabb/Jake Gibb of the USA. Kelley Larsen/Emily Stockman are back for a second straight week after taking the women’s crown in Hawaii.

Men’s Semifinalists

Group 1

Group 2

  • Saymon Barbosa / Gustavo ‘Guto’ Carvalhaes (Brazil)
  • Taylor Crabb / Jake Gibb (USA)
  • Anders Mol / Christian Sorum (Norway)
  • Jeremy Casebeer / Reid Priddy (USA)
  • Casey Patterson / Stafford Slick (USA)

Women’s Semifinalists

Group 1

  • Azusa Futami / Akiko Hasegawa (Japan)
  • Agatha Bednarczuk / Eduard ‘Duda’ Santos Lisboa (Brazil)
  • Brittany Howard / Kelly Reeves (USA)
  • April Ross / Alix Klineman (USA)
  • Joy Stubbe / Marleen Van Iersel (NED)

Group 2

  • Sarah Pavan / Melissa Humana-Paredes (Canada)Sanne Keizer / Madelein Meppelink (Netherlands))
  • Kelly Larsen / Emily Stockman (USA)
  • Sara Hughes / Summer Ross (USA)
  • Amanda Dowdy / Irene Pollock (USA)

Watch live below.

2018 King of the Court Crown Series Results

King of the Court – Utrecht

King of the Court – Antwerp

King of the Court – Waikiki



About King of the Court

It’s not the usual two teams against each other, but five (respectively four and three) teams face each other simultaneously in a rotation system. There’s a Challenger’s and a King’s side. Challengers serve, and points can only be scored at the King’s side. If the Kings win a rally, they get one point and stay in their kingdom. If they lose, they’re out and are sent to the back of line of waiting teams. Challengers then move into the King’s end to face the next team. The team with the least points on the buzzer is out.

All this happens to a ticking clock, adding another level of excitement to King of the Court tournaments: Round one and finals lasts max. twenty minutes, while round two lasts sixteen. In the finals, the first team to reach 15 points wins, or whoever has the highest score after 20 minutes. The entire final round is blazed in sixty minutes of fast and furious play. It’s a revolution in beach volleyball.

Men’s King of the Court bracket – Huntington Beach

Women’s King of the Court bracket – Huntington Beach

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