Tijana Boskovic Ends World Grand Prix Finals Series With 100 Points

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  • Group 1
  • July 7th – August 6th
  • FIVB World Grand Prix Round 3
  • Pool I1
  • Cuiaba, Brazil
  • Schedule/Results

During the finals of the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix, Serbia’s Tijana Boskovic turned on the ignition, putting down 100 points on the way to a third place finish over China. Her 100 points led the pack in Final Six play, with Brazil’s Tandara Caixeta coming in second with 89 points.

Best Scorers

  • Tijana Boskovic (SRB) – 100 points
  • Tandara Caixeta (BRA) – 89 points
  • Zhu Ting (CHN) – 88 points
  • Paola Ogechi Egonu (ITA) – 87 points
  • Natalia Pereira (BRA) – 60 points

Boskovic was not a real contributor in the preliminary rounds for Serbia, sitting out much of the competition until she really started playing in the final week. The finals sparked a fire that spread for the Serbian who dominated the scoring over the course of four matches.

Brazil had two top-five scorers after the finals, proving the real depth of their bench and why they won the gold medal over Italy.

Best Attackers

  • Zhu Ting (CHN) – 81 kills, 53.64 hitting percentage
  • Tandara Caixeta (BRA) – 83 kills, 51.55 hitting percentage
  • Nika Dallderop (NED) – 30 kills, 50.85 hitting percentage
  • Tijana Boskovic (SRB) – 84 kills, 50.60 hitting percentage
  • Paoloa Ogechi Egonu (ITA) – 74 kills, 46.84 hitting percentage

Ting of China proved to be the most effective attacker in the competition, having a 53.64 hitting percentage, along with three other players that were over 50% effective on their swings.

Best Blockers

  • Lauren Gibbemeyer (USA) – 11 blocks, 1.22 per set
  • Ana Beatriz Correa (BRA) – 14 blocks, 0.82 per set
  • Adenizia Da Silva (BRA) – 12 blocks, 0.71 per set
  • Robin De Keuijf (NED) – 6 blocks, 0.60 per set
  • Milena Rasic (SRB) – 10 blocks, 0.59 per set

Though being eliminated early in the Final Six, Team USA’s Gibbemeyer was the most effective blocker in the finals series with 1.22 blocks per set. More accurately, seeing as they played two more matches than the Americans did, Correa and Da Silva of Brazil were the next two that racked up some serious blocks in the finals series.

Best Servers

  • Lauren Gibbemeyer (USA) – 5 aces, 0.56 per set
  • Maret Balkestein-Grothues (NED) – 5 aces, 0.50 per set
  • Tijana Boskovic (SRB) – 7 aces, 0.41 aces per set
  • Celeste Plak (NED) – 4 aces, 0.40 per set
  • Yvon Belien (NED) – 4 aces, 0.40 per set

Once again, Gibbemeyer led the leaderboard in a category with 5 aces and 0.56 aces per set. The Netherlands, though eliminated early, were dominant and consistent servers, with three players making the top-five.

Best Setters

  • Xia Ding (CHN) – 8.4 assists per set
  • Ofelia Malinov (ITA) – 6.82 assists per set
  • Laura Dijkema (NED) – 6.70 assists per set
  • Roberta Silva Ratzke (BRA) – 6.12 assists per set
  • Ana Antonijevic (SRB) – 4.47 assists per set

Though Italy’s setter produced more kills in the finals series, Brazil was still able to take the crown. Outshining all setters by nearly two assists per set was China’s Ding as she dished out 8.4 assists per set.

Best Diggers

  • Justine Wong-Orantes (USA) – 33 digs, 3.67 per set
  • Jelena Blagojevic (SRB) – 62 digs, 3.65 per set
  • Carli Lloyd (USA) – 32 digs, 3.56 per set
  • Ofelia Malinov (ITA) – 51 digs, 3.00 per set
  • Laura Dijkema (NED) – 27 digs, 2.70 per set

Wong-Orantes of the United States was the most effective digger in the competition in the two matches they competed in picking up 3.67 digs per set. From Italy, Malinov, the setter, was a force on defense scooping up 3.00 digs per set.

Best Receivers

  • Michelle Bartsch-Hackley (USA) – 51 excellents, 73.02% efficiency
  • Lucia Bosetti (ITA) – 60 excellents, 63.64% efficiency
  • Caterina Bosetti (ITA) – 68 excellents, 61.46% efficiency
  • Suelen Pinto (BRA) – 52 excellents, 54.12% efficiency
  • Natalia Pereira (BRA) – 97 excellents, 54.05% efficiency

Italy and Brazil had a lot of strong serve receivers in the finals, with two a piece ranking in the top-five in efficiency. Team USA’s Bartsch-Hackley was the most accurate with a 73.02%.

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