Tifanny Says She Favors A Trans Player Quota In Superliga

  0 Liam Smith | February 23rd, 2018 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball


Tifanny Abreu made volleyball history when she became the first trans female to play in Brazil’s Superliga. Since then, she broke the competition’s single game scoring record, and has dominated the league’s offensive statistics.

Such performances has drawn the ire of many teams, players, and fans, who have asked the Brazilian Volleyball Federation to find a “solution” to the situation. Much has been debated, but still nothing concrete came out of it.

Interviewed by Uol.com, Tifanny has said that she feels tired from having to carry around the stigma of being the first Brazilian trans player, but she will continue to do so because of the importante of LGBT rights. She even offered her suggestion for incorporating trans players into the league:

“If we have quotas for foreign players, why not for trans (sic)? If we have a scoring system for Olympic players, why do not we have one for trans (sic)? If a player is good enough she will have the scoring system to back her up, if she is is not so good, she will have her quota. What cannot happen is to have us excluded from the sport. 

This idea of making a trans league can’t work, right? There is not enough trans (sic) to play, to make a strong league. We live in a community with everyone together. The trans women play with the women, the trans men with the men. And we all live in peace, we can not exclude and we have to respect the law.”

When asked what she would do if the league were to ban her, here is what she said:

“Everyone that has a job has to find a new one if a company goes bankrupt. If that happens, I can work with the trans community, because they need a voice and today I can be that voice.”

We can expect these debates to heat up even more as Tifanny’s Vôlei Bauru starts its Superliga playoff run in a few weeks.


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