José Guimarães Apprehensive About Osasco’s Break-Up With Nestlé

  0 Liam Smith | April 20th, 2018 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball


We have recently reported the end of the 10 year partnership between Brazil’s Osasco and Nestlé, which brought the parties 2 Superliga titles, 4 South-American Championships, 2 Brazilian Cups, and 1 FIVB Club WCH. The break up came as a surprise to fans, specially after Osasco won two titles this season and was the Superliga team with the highest attendance numbers.

Even though his team was recently eliminated from the playoffs by the same Nestlé Osasco, Brazil’s NT head coach José Roberto Guimarães, putting all rivalry aside, commented on how such a situation is harmful to Brazilian volleyball, and even to his national team (Bruno Voloch’s blog):

“This is very sad. Unfortunately, we have seen similar situations in women’s volleyball in the last few decades. Some were reversed, some were not. I myself have gone through it in Campinas, when Amil, our main sponsor, was sold to an overseas company. Today after much struggle, effort, dedication we have a new house in Barueri.

Osasco breathes volleyball. The brand is heavy, historical, which is an advantage when negotiating with future investors. I am convinced that good news will come soon. Osasco can not end. It is a healthy rivalry that can not cease to exist. At times like this, we have to think about the survival of the project. Osasco has two players on the national team, Ana Correa and Tandara Caixeta, and I need them all 100% focused on the national team. But I can not be individualistic, I fully understand their anxiety about the future. I hope all this is resolved quickly.”

To everyone’s happiness, rumors have it that some companies have already expressed interest in picking up sponsorship duties with Osasco, although little details have surfaced on the matter in Brazilian media.

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