Tandara Breaks Superliga Single Season Scoring Record

  0 Liam Smith | April 10th, 2018 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball


Tandara Caixeta had a monster 2017-18 season. Besides leading Osasco to Paulista and Brazilian Cup titles, she tied Superliga’s single game scoring record with 39 points, and Superliga’s single season scoring record, to the tune of a massive 5.4 points per set average. After all was said and done, she finished the competition with 626 points, smashing Sheilla Castro‘s 494 points mark, set in the 2010/11 season. This season’s second highest scorer, Bruna Honório, scored 214 less points than Tandara.

Here is her reaction to her record breaking season (Melhordovolei.com.br):

“I am very happy because this is a huge milestone in my life and in the competition. And it’s another story to tell Maria Clara (Tandara’s daughter). It’s very gratifying, because Sheilla is a person I’ve lived with between 7 and 8 years and who taught me a lot. She has always represented Brazil very well, done great work for the clubs that, so it’s an honor to be cited alongside her as the competition’s best performers. I hope to do better every day. This is the third season in which I stand out, so I am very satisfied for the job well done.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Of course, this is an important feat, because it is the result of a lot of work and shows that I played hard. But I did not do it alone, my teammates always helped and I have to thank the group for trusting me and for the will to win and do their best at all times.

The numbers motivate me, because I always look for excellence on the court. I work to improve my performance more and more, that is, with high scoring outputs, but with percentages as well. I will pursue perfection, striving to make fewer mistakes and be more decisive. I believe that to achieve a performance close to the ideal, it is necessary to reach a hittig percentage above 50%.”

Now Tandara will have the chance to try and catch up Fabiana Claudino as Superliga’s highest all time scorer in the next few seasons. As of today, she is 352 points behind Praia’s middle blocker (4.571 to 4.219). Although Fabiana still plays at high level, she is not the offensive powerhouse of her younger days, so it’s possible that two or three more seasons should do the trick.

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